Beauty Regimens: Then and Now ...


Beauty regimens and treatments have changed over the years, just like you. Remember getting a hair permanent to look your personal best? Here is a short list of your former beauty regimens and how you can upgrade to kinder and gentler ways to look your best.

Tweezing your eyebrows. Back in the day, your eyes could see those random eyebrow hairs just by looking in the bathroom mirror. You were a self-tweezer, and probably tweezed your brows just a little too aggressively. As your near-vision started to wane, you switched to a magnified mirror, but you kept it small because looking at a large one with its own lighting became an all too eye-opening experience by revealing every pore, wrinkle and imperfection on your lovely face. After a shocking self-revelatory experience during a past Christmas season, I stay away from the Brookstone and Sharper Image stores for that very reason.

Threading your eyebrows. Even though it is relatively new to the Western Hemisphere, it has been practiced in Middle Eastern countries for centuries. Cotton threads are twisted and then wound around the applicator’s fingers. As the thread moves across the skin, it catches the unwanted hairs and pulls them out, including the follicles. Unlike tweezing, it catches several hairs at once and usually lasts longer because it removes the entire hair including the follicle. It is less painful than waxing and can be used on sensitive skin or for those using acne medication such as Retin A. Threading is also recommended for upper lip or chin hair.

Using tanning beds. We all know tanning beds are not good for your skin. The FDA and the CDC both suggest that you avoid using tanning beds in order to prevent developing skin cancer. There really is no such thing as a safe tan from a tanning bed. In addition to the risk of developing skin cancer, exposure to UV rays causes your skin to age prematurely.

Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs. If you are like me, your arms, upper chest and face tan quicker than your legs. This product immediately gives you the color you desire without skin damage from over-exposure to the sun or tanning beds. It is easy to apply, lasts longer than a spray tan and can be easily removed with a soapy washcloth. Spray a small amount of the product from the aerosol can into the palm of your hand and spread onto your legs. I use three handfuls on each leg, which covers from my lower thighs to my toes. Confidence in a can from Walgreens! I’m available for in-home demonstrations.

Curling irons. Every time I think about curling irons, I think about that on-line video of the poor girl who burnt a section of her hair with her curling iron and it literally came off of her head! Even if you have mastered the art of using
the curling iron, consider upgrading to a hairstyle that doesn’t need a curling iron with a spring hinge clip. This design has been around since the Civil War.
I release you from this antiquated beauty regimen and gladly introduce
you to another.

Hot Tools curl bar. Sara Gault at Aura Salon in Alpharetta loves this styling tool because of its unique 90-degree angle to prevent any shoulder, elbow or wrist strain. A vibrating timer lets you know when you remove it from your hair to prevent burning. It has an adjustable temperature gauge to use just enough heat to curl your hair without damaging it. See this innovative product at www.hottools.com.

Bikini line waxing. After a few years of shaving, your hair stylist or friend suggests waxing your bikini line. They said it was so much simpler. One quick movement and all of your unwanted hairs would be gone. It doesn’t hurt, they promised. It will feel so smooth, they purred. You decide you deserve this extra pampering and subject yourself to hot wax that is applied, then promptly removed by applying a small piece of fabric that quickly “lifts” the unwanted hair away from your skin. If you were lucky, they even showed you the hair trapped in the wax on the underside of the fabric. My advice: just get the hair lasered and skip the red skin and in-grown hairs. I have another beauty regimen in mind for all that wax.

Nose hair waxing.  I’m here to tell you that if you are past a certain age, you need this beauty regimen. Everyone can see your nose hairs, but no one has the courage to tell you to do something about it. This experience will change your life! It will be a breath of fresh air, literally. Warm liquid wax is applied to the end of a small wooden stick and inserted just inside your nostril. The nostril is gently pressed from the outside to encourage those nose hairs that have been seeing daylight to adhere to the wax. After waiting just a minute or two for the wax to cool, the esthetician swiftly pulls the stick out of your nostril along with the errant nose hairs. You will breathe easier, blow your nose more efficiently, and have less chance of anything embarrassing hanging out of your nose. I promise you it doesn’t hurt and is less tortuous than tweezing each individual errant nose hair. Not every person in the hair removal business can perform this procedure with precision. Contact me personally for my recommendations in the North Atlanta area. ■


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