Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Beautiful Diamond Eternity Bands along with an Engagement Ring on white background.
Large cushion cut, sapphire emerald cut, diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds on a modern halo setting.
Three tone yellow canary diamond engagement ring with a double halo setting.

The gift-giving season is just around the corner. Don’t know what to ask for this year? Here are some great ideas for updating your fine jewelry collection. I suggest leaving this edition of Northside Woman magazine open to this page as a subtle hint for gift ideas. Your loved ones will see gift ideas and learn helpful tips about choosing diamonds and jewelers.

I asked Ditza Israeli, a third generation jeweler and co-owner of Atlanta Diamond Design in Cumming about the latest trends in diamond jewelry. Her family-owned jewelry business also has a store conveniently located in Johns Creek. See their complete line of services and expertise at www.atlantadiamond.com.

Trends for color?
People may think that chocolate diamonds are really “in” right now. “That’s just what they see on commercials on TV paid for by the jewelry chains,” says Israeli. The chain stores have all these brown diamonds and advertise them as “chocolate” to give them more appeal. “Industry jewelers prefer sparkling white diamonds.” They are classic and a great investment to be enjoyed for generations. “If people are looking for color, buy gemstones.”

Millennials come into the store asking for yellow and pink diamonds. Natural diamonds in these colors are very rare and very expensive, usually enjoyed only by celebrities. Lab created pink and yellow diamonds are irradiated (heat treated) to bring out the color. They are usually 20 percent less in price than natural stones and are more socially acceptable because they were not mined.

For a more casual right-hand ring with a big stone, Israeli suggests a morganite stone. It has a light pink cast to it, especially when set in rose gold. Many people like this stone because of the price point and because it is popular on Pinterest.

Trends for cut?
Speaking of morganite, the cushion cut (think of a rectangle with rounded sides) is popular because the morganite stone is usually cut in this shape. People can find this cut in diamonds as well. Israeli says, “Princess cut (square or rectangle with an inverted pyramid underneath) and emerald cuts are very popular. The round cut is best because it creates the most brilliance in the diamond.”
What is out?
Marquis, oval and baguette cuts.

Trends for settings?
Halo settings are popular. Small diamonds encircling a single stone to enhance it. Melee diamonds along the shank add extra sparkle to the ring.  White gold settings are very popular. One way to add durability to your settings and to keep the cost down is to have the head (prongs) made in platinum and the shank in white gold.

Open design rings are very popular. “The negative space becomes part of the design. It is a way to create a big impression without a lot of gold or large stone. It is good for every day or you can dress it up.”
What is out?  
Jackets for solitaires.

Adding to your collection
Layering and stacking is very on trend right now. If you already have a tennis bracelet, consider adding a diamond bangle or cuff. Art deco styled bangles in white gold with diamonds are on trend. Consider adding a band of diamonds to your solitaire. Stacking one below and above your solitaire is a simple update to your classic investment.

Many people know the four C’s of choosing a diamond: Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color.  Israeli says, “The fifth C is most important. Cost. Decide on a budget first. When is comes to engagement rings, don’t start your life together in debt. It is OK if that first ring is not your ‘forever’ ring. I would much rather have a nice ½ carat with lots of brilliance than a big cloudy grey stone. Brilliance is more important than the equation of Cs.”

Finding a jeweler you can trust
Avoid buying your diamonds on-line. They are not interested in creating a relationship with you. Buy from a local place that also does repairs.

  • Atlanta Diamond Design in Alpharetta and Cumming
  • Iroff and Sons, Alpharetta
  • Omega Diamond Jewelers, Cumming
  • Brilliant Atlanta, Roswell

Final tip:

Clean jewelry is always in fashion! Visit a reputable jewelry to clean your jewelry. It will make your jewelry last longer. ■


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