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Does size matter? Tips on enhancing his manhood for our pleasure


How many times have you met an amazing guy and the two of you hit it off really well? He was drop dead gorgeous – or at least attractive enough to say yes to a date and charming enough to consider going out with him a second and maybe even a third time.

Eventually the dating moves into the zone of intimacy and you find yourself curious about what he has going on down there. As women, should we even concern ourselves with the size of our partner’s penis? Are we frightful that if a man is less endowed he wouldn’t be able to please us sexually? So let’s just raise the question…does size really matter?

A study conducted by the British Journal of Urology International suggests that at least 85 percent of women that were surveyed were satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner’s manhood. Understandably, women often wonder whether a less endowed man will be able to reach their pleasure spot to help them reach their climax. After all, the experience of reaching the orgasm is the goal of sexual intercourse and pleasure for both men and women. There are several things to consider. Is it the size or is it his performance that enhances the sexual pleasure? There are studies that show that women prefer less length but more width or girth.

Eighty percent of men are concerned with the size of their penis. Erected, the average length is 5.6 inches in length and 4.8 inches in circumference and 1.5 inches in width. As women, it is important to know the length and the width of our vagina as well, so that we can understand how our body fits with our partner’s during intercourse. The vagina is very elastic and therefore has the potential to expand. Women go from 3 to 4 inches in depth when not aroused but can expand to 5 to 7 inches in depth when aroused. During arousal, just as men become erect, our vaginas tend to respond and can also expand up to 4.75 inches in width. Knowing and understanding your body as a woman can be key to responding favorably with a less endowed partner.

Here are a few things that can enhance and help you reach your maximum pleasure with a less endowed partner.

Enhance foreplay
Foreplay enhances the level of sexual enjoyment between partners. It should be a required precursor used to explore your partner’s body and find those pleasure spots. Consider foreplay with your partner, especially if his manhood is less endowed. Foreplay is a great tool for both to learn how to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

Penile exercises
There are several exercises a man can do over time to improve the length and width of his penis size. Some of these are herbs and supplements, traction devices, weight loss, Kegal exercises, surgery (ligament lengthening procedure), fat injections, Priapus shot and Trimex.

Talk with your partner about sex enhancers that help to increase his manhood and/or sexual performance.

There are procedures and supplements that can help increase your partner’s manhood.

Dr. Catherine Emeruwa is a board certified integrative and holistic family medicine physician certified to administer several sex enhancers such as the the O Shot for women and the P Shot for men. In addition, she administers other sex therapy supplements for penis enlargement. If your partner has a concern about their sexual performance, talk with them about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Cathy.

Yes size matters, but more importantly, it is how you use what you have to enhance the sexual experience. Be creative!


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