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Bored in the bedroom? It’s time to get excited again!

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By Dr. Cathy

Our romantic life, like many things , can sometimes become mundane and even begin to feel like another chore if everything remains the same each time. Therefore, it is highly important to spice things up in the bedroom as often as possible and one of the easiest ways to do this is simply changing the position you have sex. You may be surprised how easy and effective these little tweaks to already familiar positions may be. 

Now, I know we have all heard and probably tried the following positions, but let me offer some extra tips and tricks to increase their appeal and effectiveness. 

Woman on top: 

Have him lay on his back with his knees bent and feet flat on the bed, put one of your legs outside his thigh and the other between his legs.  This will allow you to control intensity and direction while simultaneously creating friction increasing the chance for a female orgasm. 

Man on top:

Begin as you normally would for the missionary position, but then move your legs between his angling his body in a forward pose squeezing your body. This increases friction which offers benefits for both of you.  

Standing up:

Running short on time? This is the perfect solution.  It will make him feel very manly and you feel very sexy all at the same time. Although, standing requires a bit of flexibility and stamina it can also be very intense and passionate. To begin, wrap both of your legs around his waist, hold on tight and let his arms swallow you as if you have been carried away. This steamy stance will allow greater intensity and heightened stimulation. 

Physical intimacy is meant to be enjoyed and so incredibly vital for not only your health but your relationship, try not to be intimidated or scared, we all can use a little excitement and change. 

It’s time to assume the improved position and enjoy. 

Please always remember in all sexual activity, practice responsibly and safely. 

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