Goodlovin’ with Dr. Cathy

The importance of foreplay

By Dr. Cathy

The art of foreplay can always use some fine tuning and given some much-needed attention, especially as partners become more comfortable with one another.  Men are typically the culprits of cutting short this prequel to their X-rated fantasy night. But foreplay is very important to both sexes, otherwise the finale will not be nearly as grand. 

Men and women, no surprise here, are very different. Men can very easily and very often just think about sex and be able to become physically stimulated.  A woman must go through more of a preparation process to prepare not only her body but her mind.  If her mind isn’t into it, forget about the rest of the equation. This is where it all begins. 

I like to use the analogy of microwaves vs. conventional ovens. Men are much like a microwave. Don’t get me wrong, microwaves are amazing and, when you are hungry, that nuked food is mighty tasty. But women operate more like a conventional oven. Yes the preheat process may take longer, but the finished product is well worth the wait. 

Why is foreplay important? 

Emotional security: A woman needs to feel comfortable, relaxed, calm and confident her partner really wants to be with her

Physical preparation: A woman’s body needs to be slowly warmed up before engaging in sexual activity, which may be difficult for some men to understand, as their bodies work differently in this manner 

Intimate connection: Through foreplay, partners get to dive deeper into what the other wants and likes. Therefore, they establish a more intense connection, creating not only a more intimate physical relationship but also an emotional one

Foreplay is individual, it’s customized and it is different for everyone. There is not a magic formula or a list of items you must do, but simply knowing what works for yourself and your partner and being able to determine what methods are best for your relationship. Be creative and step outside of your comfort zone, you might be surprised what you learn. 

Please always remember that, in all sexual activity, practice responsibly and safely. 

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