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Erogenous Zones: Searching Beyond the Obvious

Dr. Cathy
By Dr. Cathy

Erogenous, what comes to mind when you hear this word? Probably the most obvious sexual places on your body, breasts, genitalia, neck, lips etc… But, there are areas far beyond these hot spots that may kindle your senses even further.

There are places on our bodies that we don’t even consider being erogenous until they are stimulated. What an exciting mystery to unfold and discover on your path to sexual satisfaction.

Let’s review some not so noticeable “zones” that may ignite a surprising spark you never knew existed.

1. Belly button: Yes, there may be an exciting additional purpose for this cute little crevice on our abdomen.

The belly button and the clitoris were formed from the same type of tissue at birth; therefore they are essentially connected through the nervous system and share all those same amazing sensations.

Try pressing your finger into your belly button; you may experience the feeling to urinate or stimulation in your clitoris.

2. Scalp: This is probably not anywhere on your list when you think of sexy spots, but massaging the head is an intense exercise to get the sexual stimulation flowing.

In addition to the seduction power this brings, there is also a hint of sensuality associated with it.

Try long, strokes up and down the scalp then kneading with your fingertips in a gentle, circular motion.

3. Behind the knees: Quite possibly the most overlooked spot and the most intense. 

There is an abundance of nerve endings located behind the knees thus leading to intense sensations all over the body when stimulated.

Gentle kisses and soft touches can send chills up and down your body you never thought possible.

It is always exciting to venture outside the box and keep things new, so discover within your own body new zones to explore and enjoy. Your favorite new spot is ready and waiting.

Please always remember in all sexual activity, practice responsibly and safely.

Dr. Cathy is a board-certified physician with emphasis in the treatment of sexual dysfunction triggered or related to hormonal imbalances. She specializes in holistic and integrative medicine while offering counseling for couples with relationship and intimacy concerns.

To learn more about Dr. Cathy or to schedule a consultation, please visit or call 1.844.DRCATHY

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