MADE for the ages

The walls can talk in Chris Sedgwick’s new Alpharetta restaurant

Restaurant’s manager, Chase Godfrey.
Oiled-steel hanging lamps are handcrafted.
Re-claimed shutters from the Jim Beam Distillery.
Bar stool seats are designed from walnut cutting boards made by a Kentucky artisan.
Hobart Kitchen mixing whisks hang above the bar.
MADE Winter White Sangria
Chef Tim Agee leads the kitchen staff
Grilled Skirt Steak – twice fried fingerling potatoes, chimichurri
Goat Cheese stuffed Piquillo Peppers – Crostini
Bruselas – Roasted brussels sprouts, garlic & Croquettes – braised short rib, romesco
Patatas Bravas – fried spiced potatoes, tomato aiol

Follow the evocative aroma of oak and hickory smoke on the wind and it will lead you to one of the most unique spaces in Alpharetta, the new MADE Kitchen and Cocktails. Clearly, the restaurant evolved from a singular vision. With over four decades of restaurant experience, owner Chris Sedgwick, along with the restaurant’s manager, Chase Godfrey, built their dream with a lot of energy, attention to detail and old-fashioned elbow grease.

“Everything you see, it’s all handcrafted. That’s where the name comes from,” Godfrey explained. His enthusiasm for their project is contagious. Godfrey is a born storyteller and customers lean in closer to hear the tale. In reality, they are surrounded by it. The restaurant seems to be the perfect stage for the tale Sedgwick and Godfrey want to tell. Re-claimed shutters from the Jim Beam Distillery grace the entrance. Stacks of red oak and hickory greet customers. It’s functional art, drying for use in the hardwood parilla grill. Bar stool seats are designed from walnut cutting boards made by a Kentucky artisan.

Overhead, century old beams, sourced from a cotton mill in Easley, South Carolina, wrap the space in history and gravitas. Each piece of wood is unique, stories told within each line of grain and ring marking the passage of time. Repurposing is at the heart of the Sedgwick’s business and the materials drive home the distinct feeling of interconnectedness and community.

Godfrey is proud of the open kitchen, pointing out refined Carrara marble surfaces and answering questions about the industrial décor. The smell of burning wood relaxes the mind and body and there is a sense of fun.

“The oiled-steel hanging lamps are handcrafted, as are the fixture over the bar. They’re actually Hobart Kitchen mixing whisks,” he laughed. “A great place to sit and sip on our seasonal sangrias.”

He points out the bitters and infusions on display, made by Brian Griggs, MADE’s veteran bartender.

And there are secrets hanging around. Godfrey brings attention to the oversized steel wrapped mirror that gives the illusion of an open hallway and a commissioned painting of a water buffalo, both created by OTP artist, Myott Williams.

“The buffalo’s named Chirzzo, in honor of the menu’s Spanish influence,” he said.
The walls talk for the more observant clientele who are often rewarded with a free drink for their sharp eyes.

“It’s a good time in here,” he said.

It’s a good time outside, too. The covered patio has its own original flare with polished concrete floors and riddling rack “shutters” that spin to allow a glimpse of the city streets.

“They’re cut from white ash,” Godfrey said. “The wood was so hard they had to bring in a water jet to do the work.”

The story of this original space is backed up by the regional influences in the food.
“MADE’s Spanish-inspired menu is chef driven,” he explained.

Chef Tim Agee leads the kitchen staff he calls his “crew” with his passion for all things cured, fresh and pickled. Growing up in the southern kitchens of the women in his family, Agee has a love of canning, curing and pickling. Use of locally source ingredients means a fresh farm-to-table experience that’s paired with the authentic tastes of Spain.

With a vision for bringing people together in a timeless space, MADE is doing something new, built on a unique foundation of the past, making history in the heart of Alpharetta one plate at a time.

To learn more, visit This month, MADE is rolling out new hours of operation; They are locationed at 45 Roswell St, Alpharetta, GA 30009. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m., Sunday 5 – 10 p.m., closed Monday.


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