What happened to my libido?

By Dr. Cathy

We thought those teenage urges would linger and that honeymoon phase would be everlasting, but now it seems you find your sexual appetite has dipped a little, or a lot, below the level it once was or that you desire it to be. Well, you are definitely not alone. Low libido is one of the most common sexual complaints and many culprits may be to blame.

Why does this happen? We all would love that steamy seduction scene in the bedroom followed by a night of incredible passion, right?

The issue of lost or low libido can be a complicated question to answer and dissect. It is, however, your sexual guide for wellness so it is important to carefully examine it. Stubborn libido can be impacted by a combination of physical and mental health as well as emotional connection and sexual compatibility.

The way we live, our lifestyle, inevitable involves changes from each decade and each life stage we enter.

As we get older and become busier, our sleep, exercise and eating habits tend to be the first things to be neglected. If these crucial survival habits are not nurtured, other biological functions begin to fall short, including our need for sex. These may then lead to a variety of physical health problems including diabetes, arthritis and heart-related diseases. Prescription drugs, including anti-depressants and blood-pressure medications, may also be a contributing factor.

Then there are hormones, the crazy cocktails we can’t see but are constantly racing through our bodies. Hormones play a huge role in the urge for coitus and must be in balance not only for a sturdy sexual appetite but also a healthy body overall. The obvious culprits that lead to hormonal imbalances include pregnancy, nursing and menopause. However, sometimes hormones may be out of tune for underlying reasons which may be assessed and corrected by a physician and hormone-therapy treatment.

If physical problems don’t seem to be suspect for lacking lust, examine any psychological and emotional disturbances that may be present. If there is a mental matter taking up space in your brain, such as worry, stress or anxiety, limited libido can be a given side effect. An emotional connection is also necessary with your partner and unresolved relationship issues such as lack of communication or distrust are prime markers leading to dissolved intimacy.

Sex is meant to boost our health and quality of life, if your drive for desire is suddenly in neutral, it may be time to find out why. You might be surprised, once you tackle your dwindling libido, what other areas will just fall into place.

Please always remember to practice all sexual activity responsibly and safely. ■


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