The Paying Guests - By Sarah Waters

Waters earns a reputation for her novel based in 1922 London in a Camberwell villa. Widow Mrs. Fray and her daughter take in guests of the “clerk class,” who soon shake up the routines of the household in unexpected ways. Nobody knew how their lives would change or how devastating the changes

would be.

Man at the Helm - By Nina Stibbe

Stibbe writes a novel based in the English Countryside where a brother, two sisters and their divorced mother are packed off to a hostile village. The mother becomes a drunk and a playwright. The two sisters, worried about their mom, look for suitable men in the area in order to stave off of the social worker.

Some Luck - By Jane Smiley

On a farm in Denby, Iowa, a married couple and their five children spend their time, going through their routines. In post-World War II America in the 1950s, this family struggles through triumphs and tragedies. Some Luck gives insight into the realities of farm life while looking at the changes happening during that era as the five children grow up and scatter across America. Full of twists and surprises, laughs and cries, readers will experience emotional cycles through the stories.

Shotgun Lovesongs - By Nickolas Butler

Raised in the same Wisconsin town, Hank, Leland, Kip and Ronny have now become husbands and fathers. After leaving and making their own lives, they are now all home. Here, they are faced with whether or not they can become the unified tribe they were many years ago.

The Examined Life - By Stephen Grosz

Psychoanalyst Stephan Grosz draws short, vivid stories from his 25-year career to uncover the hidden feelings behind ordinary behavior. The beautiful tales suggest the fundamental pathways of life from birth to death. Examined Life invites readers to answers questions that are often wondered, sparking new ideas about who they are and what they should do.

Do No Harm - By Henry Marsh

As a brain surgeon, Henry Marsh deals with the responsibility of someone’s life every day. Marsh reveals the harsh truths of brain surgery, the joy and energy of operating, haunting regrets and moments of humor that characterize his life. Do No Harm gives insight into the dramas that happen within the modern hospital.

Not that Kind of Girl - By Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham lays it all out there as she shares her most intimate and personal stories – stories about getting her butt touched by her boss, friendship and dieting, and proving herself to Hollywood. As honest as ever, Lena Dunham proves herself to be extremely talented.

Yes Please - By Amy Poehler

In her first book, Amy Poehler writes about her personal stories, some funny bits on sex and love, friendship, parenthood and real life advice. Yes Please is a book full of words to live by.

The Memory Book - By Rowan Coleman

The Memory Book is a heartbreaking and moving novel of mothers and daughters and what to do for love. Claire writes her Memory Book of mementoes for her daughters and husbands to keep when her future finally slips from her fingers.

The Winds of Winter - By George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin releases his sixth novel in his series of A Song of Ice and Fire in attempt to resolve the cliffhangers and conflicts from his previous novel.

West of Eden - By Jean Stein

Based in Hollywood and Los Angeles, Stein writes about five individuals and their families and their stories and aspirations. Within the novel, each character pins their hopes on the promise of Los Angeles. West of Eden depicts Los Angeles and the image of America that it projected onto the world.

Born to Run - By Bruce Springsteen

Inspired by a performance with the E Street band, Bruce Springsteen writes his autobiography. The singer-songwriter aimed to take what he makes people feel from his songs and put it into this book. Anybody who has ever enjoyed Bruce Springsteen will enjoy this book. It is dedicated to the workers and dreamers, lovers and loners, artists, parents or anyone of the generation of rock and roll.

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