Spring is coming, and love is in the air — and on the page. From this magazine’s front cover to the new releases listed below, our March issue is rife with romance.  

“Firefighter’s Unexpected Fling,” Susan Carlisle

Carlisle, of Cartersville, has authored more than 25 books for the HarperCollins Harlequin medical imprint. “Firefighter’s Unexpected Fling,” published in January, is the most recent title. It features Ross Lawson, a hotshot fire captain who is too concerned with his impending promotion to bother with romance. 

Then along comes Sally Davis, a stunning paramedic Lawson can't stay away from, even though a workplace romance is out of the question. Their blazing attraction burns bright and soon becomes one fire Ross might not want to put out.

For more information, as well as details about Carlisle’s upcoming “Modern Masters of Their Castles” trilogy, go to SusanCarlisle.com.

“Feels Like Falling,” Kristy Woodson Harvey

Harvey’s sixth summer novel, “Feels Like Falling,” coming April 28, is an “optimistic tale that just might convince readers that bouncing back can actually land a person in a better place than where they started,” according to Publisher’s Weekly. 

Harvey delivers a discerning portrait of modern womanhood through the vastly different lenses of protagonists Gray and Diana. On the surface, the two women couldn’t seem more different. But they will soon learn that sometimes, when you’re plunging headfirst with the brakes worn out and the engine shot, it might feel like you’re falling just when you’re actually learning to fly.

Harvey lives with her husband and son in Beaufort, North Carolina, on a stretch of coastline that closely resembles her fictional Cape Carolina. For more information, go to kristywoodsonharvey.com.

“Unmasking the Shadow Man,” Debbie Herbert

Herbert is a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and Washington Post bestselling author who writes both romance and psychological suspense. Married and living in Alabama, she has an adult son with autism, and characters with autism frequently land in her stories — even when she doesn’t plan on it.

“Unmasking the Shadow Man,” published by Harlequin in October 2019, is Herbert’s latest romance and features a woman returning to the childhood home where she witnessed her sister’s accidental death. Or was it accidental? Mysterious goings-on occur, and she turns to a local police officer who helps her solve long-buried crimes. Together, they try to identify a killer while being stalked by danger at every turn.

For more details and a free story, go to debbieherbert.com.

“Blame it on the Billionaire,” by Naima Simone

Simone, a bestselling author from Birmingham, Alabama, published the third book in her Billionaire Blackout series from Harlequin Desire in February. 

After a blackout plunges the city of Chicago into darkness, the unlikeliest of lovers share a night filled with secrets, lies and soul-stealing passion. 

Soon, the blackout that turned lowly executive assistant Nadia Jordan and start-up billionaire Grayson Chandler into insatiable lovers leads to a proposal Nadia can’t refuse. As she steps into Grayson’s privileged Chicago world, Nadia must deal with Grayson’s matchmaking mother, a vengeful ex and her own fake fiancé before dreams become reality.

Go to naimasimone.com for more information.

 “Between Love and Honor,” Tracy Solheim

The third installment in Solheim’s Men of the Secret Service series, “Between Love and Honor,” is due out March 26. The Johns Creek resident is a USA Today bestselling author of 13 published novels. Solheim’s latest release concerns the country’s top cyber asset, who is suddenly reunited with the woman who ghosted him at their senior prom. 

The two find themselves embroiled in a cat-and-mouse game with the enemy — and each other. Soon, the agent is risking his job, national security and his life for a woman he swore to never trust again. As the case intensifies, so does the heat between them, until the operation’s greatest casualties may be their hearts.

For more information, go to tracysolheim.com

Contributing journalist Kathy Des Jardins Cioffi, owner of Johns Creek’s KRC Communications. Connect with her at krccom.com.

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