Meal kit delivery services are all the rage, with everyone from Martha Stewart to Amazon shipping gourmet recipes with all of the ingredients straight to your kitchen. So what do you want at the end of a good meal? Dessert!

It was only a matter of time before the dessert version of the meal kit became available. A dessert kit delivery sounds “sweet,” right?

Like their meal kit counterparts, these all-in-one dessert packages are delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to whip up an impressive soufflé or cheesecake without the hassle of hunting down ingredients or running to the grocery.

Better yet, with these kits, there’s no need to sort through hundreds of recipes to find the perfect one.

While there are many dessert kits available today on the market, Northside Woman had the opportunity recently to put three of them to the test.

Chef’d -

Chef’d is a no-subscriptions meal kit company that includes dessert options. You can order or reorder your favorite meals and desserts, choosing among thousands of options at a time.

Dessert kits range from $15 to $30, and Chef’d offers free shipping on orders over $40. No subscription is necessary.

NSW received two kits from Chef’d:Baked Cinnamon Churros and Cookies and Cream Truffles

Both desserts were easy to prepare, and they both came with easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions. We also liked that Chef’d included a list of ingredients that we could keep in case we wanted to prepare the dessert again.

So far, so good. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding — or in this case, the churros … which were amazing.

The cinnamon-sugar treat was ready in minutes, and the delicious caramel sauce was a great accompaniment. We served them with vanilla ice cream, which made them even more yummy!

The truffles were not as popular, however. While the flavors were all good, this dessert was too rich and the chocolate didn’t melt properly.

SoBakeable -

SoBakeable is a bi-monthly dessert baking subscription box. Every other month, SoBakeable sends you pre-measured ingredients, recipes, decorations and the tools needed to bake two decadent desserts. All you need to provide is milk, butter and eggs!

SoBakeable’s bi-monthly subscription service ships two baking kits every other month. Prices range from $15 to $35, and shipping is included.

NSW tested two kits from Sobakeable: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies and Champagne Cupcakes

The Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies were loaded with flavor. The fudgy cookie with the chocolate filling was topped with freeze-dried raspberry powder and  golden chocolate nuggets. They were a perfect combination and even came out just like the picture!

Our second test, the Champagne Cupcakes, were not as popular as the cookies. The champagne flavoring was a little bitter, but the cupcakes turned out amazingly moist, the frosting was delicious and the decorating tips were helpful. We would leave out the champagne flavoring next time.

Red Velvet  -  www.

Everything you need in one box! Red Velvet promises to make gourmet baking easy by pre-measuring quality ingredients, sharing original recipes and revealing tips to style their confections like a pro.

For $49, Red Velvet ships two baking kits per month to its customers. Shipping is free, and home bakers can skip a month or cancel the service anytime.

NSW received one kit from Red Velvet: Molten Chocolate Cake with Lava Center

This dessert was an advanced-level dessert, and in hindsight, we should have picked an easier one to prepare. In other words, this one failed. The flavors were all there — it just didn’t come out like the picture.

The kit contained pre-measured gourmet ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card. The presentation and the packaging from Red Velvet was excellent — definitely a quality company.

In all, the baking kits NSW tested were delicious and easy to prepare by following each company’s simple directions. Some kits were more pricy than others, but we think it’s a fun way of learning to bake. Dessert kits like these would also be great as a gift.

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