Located at 3655 Old Milton Pkwy.

Located in the old 7 Seasons Brewery in Alpharetta, Loyal Q and Brew barbecue is finding a following in its new home. The spacious restaurant and bar is the perfect spot for dinner with the family or watching a sporting event on TV with friends. It also has an awesome game room, outside seating and a bourbon room upstairs. 

Northside Woman was invited to try some of menu items at this new barbecue joint, which is known for using traditional “smoakhouse” cooking techniques.  

We started with the Smoakhouse Sausage Link, which was served with sharp cheddar cheese dusted with housemade rib rub, housemade pickles and a side of housemade mustard barbecue sauce. It was so good that we could have stopped there. But the Smoaked Salmon and the Two Meat Platter were calling our names, so we moved forward. The salmon, served with french fries, may have been a little too “smoaked” for me. It was a little dry. But the platter’s brisket and chopped pork, served with beans and mac and cheese, were so moist and flavorful that they made up for it. 

We finished off the meal with banana pudding, which was my husband’s choice. It was by no means bad, but the flavor also didn’t wow me. 

Our server was sweet and attentive, but we were never greeted by the manager. With so many great barbecue places around Alpharetta, I would have to give this one a B-. The restaurant was big and spacious and there was no wait for groups, but it’s a bit average on the food.

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