Life doesn’t get much sweeter when your days are spent surrounded by chocolate and all things decadent and delicious.

For Jeannie Korac and her husband, Craig, operating the Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Roswell for the past three years was a significant departure from their previous corporate life.

But it was a decision they’ve never regretted – even the long hours they spend making sure recipes are perfect and customers are happy. In fact, Jeannie says there is something therapeutic about chocolate.

“Chocolate heals all!” laughed Jeannie, whose corporate experience includes the financial world of Wall Street. “Making and designing chocolate is a wonderful and relaxing change from the corporate world. And our clients [always] leave our shop feeling happy.”

Originally from New York, Jeannie and Craig moved to Roswell 25 years ago where their four children were born and raised. The two had never ventured into the food industry but had experience in small business ownership, having run a telecommunications business for years.

Jeannie had helped out at the Roswell Schakolad during rush times, then jumped on the opportunity to operate the store when the situation arose. Today, Jeannie and Craig continue the tradition of a “personal, boutique, and unique chocolate experience” every time a customer walks into the store, calls on the phone or taps into the website.

“Our chocolates are made fresh on premises using a three-generation European recipe that calls for the highest quality ingredients and attention to design detail,” Jeannie said. “Our items do not come pre-packaged from a factory, but are prepared and dipped right here in Roswell.”

The Schakolad franchise in Roswell is the only one in Georgia, but other locations can be found across the country, and even internationally. Jeannie said there are some items found in every location, but individual operators are allowed to expand the “menu” to fit their community.

“We abide by the basic items featured on the corporate website but expand our selection with the season and customer requests,” Jeannie said. “This ability keep us tied closely to the Roswell community and their needs. The community is our customer.”

This flexibility allows the Koracs to be innovative and creative when meeting customers’ requests. Jeannie said some of their most popular chocolate flavors came directly from their clients. She points to a regular customer who had Schakolad re-create his favorite childhood flavor — cranberry orange truffle — which is now among the store’s best seller.

The menu at the Roswell location includes over 50 different varieties of truffles as well as custom chocolate creations, holiday and special occasion molded novelties, edible photos and frames, creative gift baskets and sugar-free items.

“On the yummy side I would say our Ganache is the most popular,” said Jeannie.

“The endless variety of flavor combinations combined with heavy cream base ensures the velvety texture with each bite is as delicious as the first. “

The Roswell Schakalod is truly a family business, with their four kids helping out on occasion, and Bill and Jeannie spending way beyond the standard 40-hour week inside the store making sure all is right.

“Never be surprised to see my husband in back making ganache, my older children helping with our birthday parties and our youngest helping customers decide on their favorite of the day. Chocolate is part of our life now,” Jeannie said.

Looking to the future, the Koracs say they are looking forward to simply continuing to serve their regular clients, as well as expanding their reach to newer customers.

“We are blessed with a very loyal customer base and have an ever expanding corporate clientele,” Jeannie said. “This summer we will be expanding our selection of small gifts and assorted seasonal items to make us the one stop shop for every occasion.”

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