On the fashion runways showcasing the trends for 2020, the makeup artists had a heyday emphasizing the eyes with oversized winged eyeliner, chunky glitter eyeshadow and rhinestone freckles. While the color and technique varied from designer to designer, one thing was constant — flawless skin. Even if one might shrink at the thought of glaring eye adornment, we can all get behind the desire to create fresh natural-looking skin. 

To create a flawless canvas for some of the more daring makeup trends, Scott Law, the co-owner of Voila Salon in Roswell, recommends airbrush makeup. Law and his business partner Manuela Davis have been serving their clients for 27 years.

“Our clients have become our friends,” said Law. “We are now serving our third generation of clients. Our clients are our walking billboards. When people ask them who does their hair, color and special occasion makeup, we want to make sure they look their best.”

Airbrush makeup is light and beautiful, Law said. 

“It looks so natural, and covers blemishes and rosacea,” he said. “It’s long-lasting, even through a workout.” 

While there are a variety of companies selling airbrush makeup products, Law uses the Temptu.com brand airbrush makeup sprayer. Temptu has been providing airbrush tools for makeup professionals for 35 years. An easy-to-use consumer product is now available. The airbrush tool can also be used to apply contour, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow. 

Law said the Temptu airbrush sprayer can easily create a smoky eye or evening look. According to the website, the Temptu sprayer can also be used to create a flawless eyebrow with the use of a template. 

The sprayer is a small cordless, USB rechargeable handheld device, priced around $200. The kit includes the sprayer, liquid foundation, blush and highlighter. Twenty-four foundation makeup shades are available in easy-to-install cartridges. A myriad of shades are available for blush, eye shadow, contour and highlight. Each vial lasts about three months. The website has a short questionnaire to aid in finding the correct shades, and a shade match guarantee. 


How to use it:

Test the sprayer on the back of your hand. Familiarize yourself with how fast the liquid foundation is released from the sprayer. With the sprayer about a hand’s width (four fingers) away from the side your face, spray in small circular motions. 

“Less is more, so keep moving the sprayer over your face when applying foundation,” Law said.

The spray does not come shooting out like a can of spray paint. No propellant is used, so it doesn’t spray a large cloud. It is very user-friendly. 

“Nothing touches your skin, but air and makeup,” said Law. “It takes only five minutes to apply foundation. No blending is required. With airbrush makeup, your makeup is instantly blended and perfected.” 

To add blush, contour and highlight, simply insert the cartridge with the color of choice and begin the application. Spray with short sweeping motions over cheekbones, chin line or brow bones. It is recommended to clean the nipple of the sprayer with a cotton swab moistened with makeup remover after each use. 

Look your best in 2020. Upgrade your makeup routine by including easy-to-use airbrush tools to create picture-perfect looks at home every day.


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