At the end of every calendar year, patients tell us they have gotten busy with work, school and holiday activities and have simply run out of time. They haven’t scheduled necessary dental treatment for themselves or their family and haven’t used their entire dental insurance benefit. Those benefits will not roll over to the next year and that means you are wasting your insurance payments.

Bottom line: When it comes to dental insurance benefits, USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance and dental plans provide you with a specific dollar amount to spend on your care each year. This means you may have dental dollars that will disappear if your plan, like many, renews in January! Dr. Patel advises, “It’s always smart to try to maximize dental insurance coverage this year so that next year’s benefits can be used for any unexpected treatment that may arise.”

Additionally, many plans will reset in January and that means you will again be required to pay 100% of your annual insurance deductible before your insurance company pays any dental benefits. We’re more than halfway through the year so we have time to schedule the treatment you need. Now is the perfect time to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted and avoid the holiday rush!


You may be surprised to learn that unhealthy teeth can contribute to disease such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and infection of the heart lining. Sleep apnea, a condition where you stop breathing repeatedly during the night, increases your risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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