Did you know that there are as many as 16 facial skin types?  At first, there were only 3 skin types (normal, oily, & dry), then it became 5 skin types (add in sensitive & combo).  Now research indicates there are as many as 16 skin types.  

If you’ve ever tried skincare products that just didn’t seem to give you the results you wanted, maybe it’s because the product didn’t match your skin type.  So many of today’s facials and products force your unique skin type into just 3 or 5 categories that just aren’t right for you.

Did you know that many facials are designed to address only 5 skin types?  The facial protocols and products used are limited to these categories.  The skin care therapist will discuss with you your main concerns. She will then address the majority of your concerns within the limited range of facials and products that is available to her.  

Some of the products will address your concerns but can be counter-productive to other concerns if the product doesn’t match your skin type.  Therefore it is important that your skincare therapist choose wisely.  Unfortunately, if she doesn’t have a large enough selection of products to choose from, her hands are tied.  The result is a facial that will be only adequate for your concerns but not wholly beneficial.

How do you know if your preferred spa/doctor’s office has the facial protocol and product availability to address all 16 skin types?  Check their service menu.  Look at the products on the shelf.  If there are only a few select facials or product lines, then it is probable that your skin is getting boxed into only 3 or 5 skin types.  If your skin type is one of these 3 or 5 categories, then you are fine.  If not, then you are probably receiving some gain from your facial and products, but not getting your money’s worth nor all the benefits you could.  

Facial protocols should include a minimum of 10 steps.  Better protocols can include 15+ steps.  These steps include but are not limited to an initial cleanse, second cleanse, steam, extractions, exfoliation, serum, booster, treatment mask, eye treatment, lip treatment, moisturizer, sunscreen.  A facial massage, upper body massage, and scalp massage are important to relax the muscles that connect to the face and to aid in circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Did you know that your unique skin is constantly changing and reacting to weather, environment, and emotions?  Therefore, your facial protocol and products will need to adjust accordingly too.  It is highly recommended to periodically vary your facials.  An easy guideline is to change your facial each season.  It’s an easy fix if your skincare therapist has the product and facial availability to do so.

To reap the most benefit from your facials and products, choose a spa or doctor’s office that offers a minimum of 3 different vendor lines and 16 facials.  This should give your skincare therapist enough variability to adjust facial protocols to match your true skin type.   

Finally, remember that the most important part of your facial is to relax and enjoy.  Benefit from a skincare therapist’s expertise, correct product for your skin type, and smile.  You are in good hands.

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