In my 20s, I was a certified optician. My initial interest in the industry came from my own experience wearing glasses as a child, and then contact lenses as a teenager. My favorite part of my job was helping people choose eyewear that complimented their faces and suited their lifestyles. Perhaps this is where my love of helping people look their personal best began. I loved seeing people’s faces light up as they looked in the mirror wearing their new fashion eyewear.

If you wear glasses every day, you should own more than one pair. Think of eyewear as an accessory, like jewelry. Consider owning a business-like metal frame for a professional look and a playful statement plastic frame for a trendy casual look. If you find a frame shape you love, I advise owning it in different colors to complement your wardrobe.

With competitively priced online eyewear companies, fashionable eyewear is within everyone’s budgets. If you have a light prescription and single-vision lenses, buying eyewear online is suitable for your needs. Some popular online sites are, and Don’t forget to use your “first-timers” discount! has a virtual try-on feature that uses pictures you take of yourself with an iPhone or iPad. This technology is easy to use, even for a seasoned fashionista in her “prime” (aka technology is not my strong suit).

Road test:

With my hair pulled back, I took several pictures of my face from different angles according to the directions on the app for I was able to choose several frames and “try them on” the picture of my face and see them from different angles, and was even able to change how high I chose to wear them on my nose and change the pantoscopic tilt.


My driving glasses arrived in a timely manner. They were competitively priced.


I had to adjust the eyeglasses myself. Even after using the virtual “try-on” feature, they looked smaller on my face in real life.

If you need multifocal point lenses (i.e. bifocals or progressives), seek out a local and reputable eyewear professional. Carter’s Mobile Opticians is owned by Roswell resident Rusty Carter. Carter brings his decades of experience as an optician right to your home or office. He has a huge selection of eyewear for men, women and children in a variety of budgets in his vehicle that he brings to you.

Road test:

I recently had my eyes examined and asked Carter to come to my home to help me pick out my first pair of eyeglasses with progressive lenses. As a former optician, I was impressed with his professionalism and passion for the eyewear industry. I chose a German-made high-fashion frame and added anti-reflective lenses to my progressive lenses. I was thrilled to see Carter back in my home in three days with my beautiful new fashion eyewear. My husband was so impressed with the service that he asked Carter to check his shooting glasses as he held his rifle in firing position and looked down his scope. This would only be possible in our home. He couldn’t take his rifle to the doctor’s office. See Carter at


One-on-one personal and professional service in the comfort of my own home or office. Great for busy professionals or homebound people. Glasses arrived in a timely manner.


If you have a certain frame in mind, he may not be able to get it for you as quickly as one he has in stock.

Fashion eyewear trends:

The overall look is geeky chic. Instead of eyewear disappearing on your face, trendsetters are boldly wearing oversized frames in fashionable acetate or metal or a combination of the two.

For Women:

Translucent plastic frames are popular this year. Updated cat eyes, or oversized frames in soft colors that follow the pastel shades of the colors of the year. Light pink, blue and gray are popular colors.

For Men:

Faux wood grain finishes are popular this year. Round lenses with metal bridges and plastic frames. Think futuristic-retro. Two-tone acetate in round or square shaped frames.


Updated semirimless in round shapes for men and women. These are definitely statement eyewear. Consider them for sunglasses this year for a bold look.

Final tips:

Anti-reflective coating is your best friend. This allows everyone to see your beautiful eyes while you are seeing everything else crystal clear.

Update your eyewear every year. Chipped paint on metal frames, scratched lenses and mossy nose pads can distract from even the most couture ensemble.

When wearing eyeglasses it is extremely important to wear eye makeup. Your eyes are being framed by your eyeglasses, so highlight your eyes with eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara.

Do not neglect your eyebrows. Whether you have bushy eyebrows or “barely there” eyebrows, maintain an attractive shape with brow color and selective hair removal. ■

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