It’s widely known that more than 70 percent of women color their hair. A recent survey by lookfantastic.com revealed that women will spend on average $55,000 on hair care and treatments in a lifetime. Many women say that their hair color gives them confidence, and makes them feel younger. Some say they are more successful because of it. To look one’s personal best from the eyebrows up, consider the hair color trends for 2020.

Sabrine Pearson recently joined Aura Hair and Makeup Salon in Sandy Springs. Pearson has been a hair care professional for more than 30 years. She is passionate about hair color and shared what will be hot in 2020. 

“It’s an interesting time for hair,” she said. “We are seeing a little bit of everything [speaking of hair color]. Ombre color used to be a thing. Now, we do more shadow roots. They last longer and are not so abrupt in color change. It is softer, diffused tones graduating to soft, beachy ends, like a child’s hair in summer.” 

In 2020, Pearson said to look for dimension and mixing in different tones. 

“Very rich colors, no matter what the hue, are on trend,” she said. “Product is very important to me. Technology is always advancing how to get the best color and keep hair healthy. Eufora, Lanza and Pulp Riot are the brands I am using now that deliver great lasting color.”

For blondes:

Interesting fact: A recent article from cafemom.com with scientific facts regarding blondes revealed only 2 percent of people in the world are natural blondes. (About one in 20 Americans are.) But that doesn't mean the color is not popular. One in three women dyes her locks light enough to be considered blonde.

What’s hot: Buttery pastel blondes are trending. Another hot trend is rose-gold blondes. It creates dusty pastel tones. Creating dimension with the lowlights keeps blonde hair from looking like straw. Pearson adds highlights around the face to create a halo effect. 

What’s not: The pale gray tone known as icy blondes. 

“It’s out, because it’s very high maintenance,” said Pearson. “This year is about color and treatments that can last longer between appointments.”

For redheads:

Interesting fact: Natural redheads never turn gray. As they age, their hair eventually turns white with gold tones.

What’s hot: More strawberry tones, copper and cooler reds. Orchard Red is a combination of auburn and copper undertones. It is a good mix for someone who would like to try being a redhead for 2020. It doesn’t wash out skin tones, but be prepared for more maintenance, because red tones tend to fade quickly.

What’s not: Solid all-over looking color without depth.

For brunettes:

Interesting fact: Brunette can refer to black or brown hair. Black is the most common hair color on the earth, with brown hair coming in second. Brown hair is the coarsest and the thickest type of hair.

What’s hot: Caramel and butterscotch with highlights around the face. 

“We are using color to lighten, instead of bleach,” said Pearson. “We start with highlights, add gloss and touch up every couple of months. We have seen a lot of the Chocolate Milk color, which is light brown with baby highlights.” 

What’s not: Chunky highlights. The charcoal gray hair color that people were trying to do. 

For avant-garde colors such as blue, the softer tones are in style for 2020:


“We do peekaboo highlights. They are only seen when the hair moves,” said Pearson. 

To make the most of this year’s color, Pearson said it’s all about movement. 

“The hair needs waves, curls or layers to really show off the multi-dimensional colors,” she said. “For 2020, updated classic haircuts are really hot. The traditional shag cut is updated with a blunt bang. Another very popular trend is the curtain bang. It is a longer bang that parts softly in the middle, sweeps to the temples to frame the face. It isn’t such a commitment. You can try the style, and if you get tired of it, it grows out easily.” 

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