Gone are the days when super-skinny fashion models had the most idolized figures. Now, it is all about “fitspiration” and having a body that is healthy and capable of taking you where you want to go later in life.

The fact is, being skinny doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy. Being strong is healthier than simply being slim, and strength is especially more important as we age

Change your focus from ‘skinny’ to ‘fit’

Constant striving to achieve a build that is a million light years away from your own body can lead to dangerous obsession and unhealthy choices. You may also feel as though you will never achieve your goals, which can result in frustration and depression.

It’s fine to set a goal of losing a few pounds or fitting into clothes the next size down, but working toward the blanket term of “skinny” may actually backfire. Instead, change your focus to becoming more fit. This shift in focus from skinny to fit will propel you to make healthier food choices and increase your exercise. This new mindset can lead to a new healthy lifestyle change.

Give your body the food it needs

Often, working to attain a certain weight on the scale means restricting calories, forgoing carbs and cutting out entire food groups. Again, this can cause health issues, and you could end up denying your body some of its basic needs.   

As we age, our metabolism slows down, hormone levels change and our bones lose density.  The best diet is actually no diet at all.  

Women in their 50s should have “strong” in mind. When you think strong, you may be more calculated about what you eat, but you will also focus on the right balance of nutrients to help you achieve more. You will not simply eat less, but will include in your diet slow-burn carbs, plenty of protein-packed nuts, a rainbow of fresh vegetables and the right amount of meat for your body.

Get fit so you can do more

Women usually spend the first half of their lives taking care of the family and nurturing their career. It is easy to become so wrapped up in a fast-paced, hectic life that you don’t even realize how much you have neglected yourself. As you approach 50, life begins to slow down.  You start to think about the next chapter in your life.  

Having a strong, healthy and fit body will allow you to do all the things you want to do without doubting your capability. You will be able to go on hikes, play with the grandkids, take vacations and plan an active retirement that will keep you feeling fulfilled year after year.

So get out, and get after it ladies. I’ll see you in the gym!

Karen Escobar is the co-owner/co-founder of CrossFit Zanshin. Karen's passion for fitness developed several years ago and has developed a bullet-proof system for bringing new people up to speed quickly and on their way to achieving their goals.

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