Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your appearance. A beautiful, bright, white and healthy smile can increase self confidence and overall life satisfaction.

Many regular dental treatments can be cosmetic in nature and can enhance your existing smile. One of the easiest and quickest procedures is to professionally whiten your teeth.  Other treatment including modern, BPA- free tooth-colored fillings are virtually invisible when compared to traditional silver fillings. Tooth-colored crowns or caps can be placed instead of gold or silver. Roswell Dental Care offers some of the best treatments available to greatly improve your smile and the way you feel about yourself. Our office offers exceptional combination of state-of-the-art technology with an overall wellness approach to dental health and appearance.

Once you have achieved that cosmetic update it is vital that you take precautions to keep it beautiful.

  1. Follow good oral hygiene practices. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss at least once daily to remove plaque.
  2. Beware of many over the counter teeth bleaching products that are highly PH acidic. These products can cause tooth surface loss and sensitivity.
  3. Limit your daily consumption of coffee, red wine and dark colored sodas and drinks such as cranberry juice tend to discolor and stain your teeth over time. After drinking these beverages, it is a good idea to clean and brush right after.
  4. Blueberries, cherries and other highly pigmented foods tend to also discolor and stain your teeth over time. After  eating these foods it is also a good idea to clean and brush right after.
  5. Should you choose to drink carbonated drinks and dark colored sodas do so with a straw! This will allow food dyes to bypass teeth altogether.
  6. Don’t smoke. Besides staining your teeth, smoking causes bad breath and increases the risk of gum disease and numerous types of cancer.
  7. Many foods act as natural detergents to clean teeth. Chewing foods like apples, carrots, strawberries and celery help to naturally maintain a healthier cleaner and whiter smile.
  8. Chew sugarless gum, this helps clean the surfaces of your teeth by stimulating saliva in your mouth.
  9. Drink lots of water! Rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Roswell Dental Care was recently designated  for the 4th year as the ”BEST OF THE BEST” Dental Practice in North Atlanta by Appen Newspaper for 2018.  Dr. Remaley has been serving and treating patients in Roswell and the North Atlanta area for over 30 years.

As your cosmetic dentist, Dr Remaley will make your comfort and peace of mind a top priority. He offers a comprehensive list of general, restorative and cosmetic dental services designed to meet the needs of the entire family He will thoroughly explain all your options during your private consultation. He will assure that you feel confident in the solution you choose before beginning any treatment. For enhanced comfort during treatment, and we offer FREE nitrous oxide for anxious patients. You can rest assured that your experience will be positive, relaxing, and rewarding on all levels.  Give our office a call at (470) 375-9244 to discuss the smile you have always wanted.  Be sure to ask about or Valentine’s Day Whitening special for all new and existing patients.

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