Wow! We just celebrated our 30th year in Alpharetta and we are so thankful for the opportunity to help so many patients “Love your Smile!” My staff and I often run into former patients and parents around town as we live, work, and play in the area. When I run into a patient or parent, I often pull up the patient’s before and after photos on my phone and we usually have a chuckle and thank God for the profession of orthodontics. Many thanks to all the patients that have allowed us to be a part of their lives!

Our first office was located where the Avalon is now, so we’ve seen the area transform from a small town into a bustling metropolis. We moved to our current location on North Point Parkway in 1996. Many of our earliest patients are now bringing in their own kids. I always get a kick out of showing the current teen patients the pictures and even models of their mom and dad’s teeth way back when. In some cases, we have treated 3 generations of the same family. We are so thankful for the loyal following that we have received over the years.

We also want to thank our patients for voting us “best” orthodontic office for the last five years! You don’t win many awards after high school, so it is a great honor to be recognized. We have seen over 22,000 new patients over the years, so we have a little head start. Experience counts, and we have a lot of that. Because we take before and after photos on each and every patient, we have a huge portfolio of different orthodontic problems and treatment options. So no matter what your smile looks like, we have seen something similar or worse! We can show you the before and after photos of someone else’s treatment that had a situation that is similar to your situation. With the help of these visual aids, we can help you visualize the treatment outcome and the options.

Since most orthodontic treatments only last for a year or two, we have to have a whole new set of patients every two years. Thank you to all the patient’s who have referred friends and neighbors over the years. We truly appreciate your recommendation. No thank you list would be complete without thanking my mom and dad who helped me start my practice. Also, a large shout out to my office manager, Laurie Stinger, who has been on board from day one.  Orthodontics is a team effort and at Jordan Orthodontics we have been blessed with great patients and a great team over the years! Thanks again!!!

Dr J and team

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