Snoozing in the Dental Chair


Millions of Americans avoid the dentist. Some had traumatic experiences as children. Others suffered pain as adults. No matter the reason, far too many of these individuals simply stopped seeking routine dental care because they were frightened. Now’s the time to move forward into a healthier future. Modern dentistry offers many new tools and options that make necessary treatments not only tolerable but even comfortable.

But now there’s a new way for the dentally challenged to get their needed treatment without having to go through all the fear and anxiety. And, what’s more, they likely won’t even remember going to the dentist.

It’s called “Sedation Dentistry” and is available right now at our dental office. Not all dentists are qualified or licensed to use this option. Approximately 1 in 8 dentists in Georgia is licensed to do Sedation.

“The way it works is quite simple,” says Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee dentist Dr. Ushma Patel. “One hour before the appointment the patient simply takes a pill that we have dispensed to them. By the time they arrive for their appointment they are very relaxed.”

The patient is then escorted to the dental chair. They gradually progress to a deeper level of sedation but are still able to respond to their environment and to questions from the doctor. Dr. Ushma Patel explains, “The patient will feel no pain and in fact will have little or no memory of the experience after it’s all over.”

The patient’s vital signs are constantly monitored throughout the treatment. “When they awaken a friend drives them home and in an hour or so they are pretty much back to normal,” says Dr. Ushma Patel. “The best part is that they have no bad memories, and they don’t experience any pain or anxiety.”

The patient isn’t “knocked out” or in total sedation like they would be for a surgery. The level of sedation isn’t that deep, but just deep enough so that they feel nothing but are still conscious.

Is Sedation Dentistry only for fearful patients? Dr. Ushma Patel says no. “Some people, while they are not at all afraid of dental treatment, are highly resistant to anesthetic. They just can’t get numb. Other people simply don’t have the time to make repeated visits to the dentist and would rather have all their work done in one longer visit. Sedation Dentistry takes care of both problems.”

For more information on Sedation Dentistry call Dr. Ushma Patel at 678-894-7926 or visit them on the web at If this sounds like you or a loved one or someone you know then please let them know that they have an option now.

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