The styles for spring 2016 follow the soothing elements of the colors of the year. Light pink and blue pastels encourage softness, comfort and serenity.

The styles and silhouettes this season encourage the same. Flowing silhouettes, low heels, lace and fringe encourage slow, meandering walks in the gentle spring weather.

Whether you prefer solids or prints, there is something to help you celebrate the newness of the season.

Victorian influences:

Ladylike spring styles are finally here! Lace, ruffles and fluid silhouettes add grace and the juxtaposition to skinny jeans. Wear it head-to-toe or dabble in this feminine trend with a work blouse with ruffles, or a lace maxi for a wedding or beach trip.

Flat mules:

When the warm weather arrives, but you still have the desire to wear your oxfords, choose a flat mule. For instant trendiness, add them in light pink or blue to your springtime wardrobe.

This shoe is not for professional wear, but is great for dressing up a casual outfit. This silhouette is best with slim ankle-length pants or ultra wide-leg pants in flowing fabrics. Great for hiding your imperfect toenail polish, but make sure your heels are not dry or cracked.


It’s not just for suede and it’s not going anywhere. Fringe was hot last fall and it continues to be found on everything. Skirts, shoes, handbags and jewelry incorporate this trim that creates fluid motion with just the wave of your arm. A great addition to your casual wardrobe this spring and beyond.

Oversized plaids:

To keep yourself on-trend this season, look for oversized plaids in light pastel tones. Plaids are appropriate for spring professional wear in oversized windowpane pattern in a slim ankle pant, or a buffalo check scarf in pastel colors. Plaid is popular in casual wear this spring in midiskirts, button-down shirts and maxi dresses. Picnic anyone?

Marled knits:

In loose silhouettes and lighter colors for spring.

What is a marled knit? According to, “Marled yarns are formed by twisting together plies of different colors. The result is a single strand of yarn with multiple colors winding around one another. Marled yarns can be made from any number of plies — two, three, four, etc.

“The color effect in a marled yarn is determined by the kinds of colors used together. Yarns that combine colors that are close together on the color spectrum, say grayed-out blues and purples, will have a subtle, blended look, while others that use colors with strong value (light/dark) and color contrast have a vibrant, jazzy appearance.”

The Spring 2016 fashion trends with flowing silhouettes and pastel colors remind us to seek a respite from demanding schedules and lifestyle. When updating your wardrobe for spring, take inspiration from the blue skies and pale, delicate spring blossoms. You’ll be the picture of serenity in any of these wearable feminine spring trends. ■

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