Prepare for the summer season

During the summer, patients with allergies and asthma should be aware of outdoor triggers such as grass pollen, insect stings, and poor air quality. When traveling, keep your action plans, medications, inhalers, and epinephrine on you, not in your luggage. A visit with your allergist before you leave can help you prepare for travel.

Prepare for the school year    

Summer is a great time to see your allergist and assess action plans for allergies and asthma. Review the different epinephrine auto-injectors and work with your allergist to decide which one is best for your family. Make sure you have two of everything you need, one for school and one for home. Use the summer to build-up to maintenance dosage on your allergen immunotherapy so that when school starts your symptoms will be under control.

Re-test for food allergies

Depending on the specific food allergen, repeat skin testing can be done on a yearly basis or every few years. Food allergy diagnosis and management is changing rapidly, so working closely with your allergist will provide you with state-of-the-art testing tools and management plans.

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