Here at The Solution Wellness & Weight Loss, Dr. Crews and his staff specialize in natural wellness/weight loss solutions. NO surgery, NO prescription drugs, NO invasive treatments, and NO prepackaged foods. We look to the cause of your weight gain and health issues by looking at what’s happening internally – toxicity levels, pH levels in your gut, metabolism, hormones, etc. We also offer non-invasive inch loss treatments to help sculpt the body as we allow it to heal!

 If you have struggled with your weight, your problem may be coming from something you never imagined mattered. Your weight isn’t the real problem—it’s just a symptom of your body’s imbalance and your hormones working against you. When you get your hormones balanced, the weight issue takes care of itself. Boost your body’s health by getting your hormones in balance…then watch the weight melt off! After you lose the weight you desire, you’ll enjoy your body’s naturally beautiful shape...and get rid of the distorted lumps that come from your hormones being out of whack! We are NOT talking about taking synthetic hormones, shots, or hormone replacement therapy. Your body knows how to produce the hormones you need. It just needs the right environment. There are simple steps you can take to transform your body from a fat storing machine into a fat burning machine...and actually enjoy shopping for new clothes again! You’ll be able to conquer your sleeping problems and burn fat while you sleep. It’s easy when you understand how hormones, sleep, and weight loss are intertwined. Would you like to experience the following? Weight Reduction, Increased Energy, Lower Cholesterol, Improved Digestion, Improved Physical Appearance, Clearer Thinking… WE CAN HELP! Learn the steps to get your hormones and digestive system working efficiently by coming into our office for an evaluation.

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