Georgia is an agriculture state, with bountiful fall crops to enjoy just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Why not try some of Georgia’s delicious side dishes, like collard greens, corn bread pudding and maple sweet potato cups to give your meal a “Southern twist” this year?

Part of the fun of cooking for Thanksgiving is surprising your guests with new foods to taste and enjoy, and it’s the side dishes where you can really experiment.    

It’s simple. Instead of a green bean casserole, make Slow-Cooked Collard Greens with Ham Hocks. (This dish can also be made with smoked turkey wings instead, or vegetarian with no meat added.) The slow cooker recipe helps flavors develop slowly, frees up stovetop space and can be made ahead of time.

Or how about a tasty Corn Bread Pudding? This Southern classic is easy to make, takes very little time and only has eight ingredients! It’s a nice change from mashed potatoes or a bread dressing dish.

For a flavorful new dessert, try Maple Sweet Potato Cups. They’re made in individual cups with a scrumptious meringue, but they can also be topped with mini marshmallows. This is a new twist on the classic sweet potato casserole and a perfect complement to your pies and cakes.

While the turkey is the main focus of Thanksgiving, serving side dishes with lots of Georgia flavors, colors and textures makes it a spectacular meal and an experience your guests will fondly remember.

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