Every year, the streets of downtown Alpharetta are covered with colorful artwork from dozens of local and national artists during the three-day Alpharetta Arts Streetfest. 

Now in its 15th year, the festival draws artists who work across several mediums, allowing attendees to browse through works of art that include clay, digital, fiber, folk art, glass, jewelry, plants, paintings, photography and soaps. 

This year, the free celebration will be held Saturday, May 25 through Monday, May 27, with parking available at the City Hall parking deck. Because of large crowds, attendees are asked not to bring pets.

Ninety artists have signed up to participate, and among them are local Johns Creek artists Sandie Cappai and Amy Michelle. 

Cappai creates decorative pieces and functional serving trays out of a variety of materials, including marble and wood. She was inspired by her close friend to transform what was once a hobby into a burgeoning business.

“When my kids went off to college, I started to pursue my own interests and hobbies. My friend Jennifer Getzewich and I started making small things like picture frames, and that blossomed into making furniture pieces, which was a lot of fun,” Cappai said. “Our small hobby has now transformed into a real business. Cappai Designs is now being sold in over 300 high-end boutiques all over the United States and Canada. Even though I have hired several helpers, I still personally finish every lazy susan that goes out the door.”

Cappai also creates serving trays, cutting boards and charcuterie planks. The charcuterie planks, which are made from reclaimed oak wood, are a recent addition.

“They have been a big hit,” Cappai said. “It has a great story to tell as it goes through the metamorphosis of being the exterior wall of someone’s old farmhouse to a beautiful, smoothly sanded plank that sits in some of our nicest homes. Each piece is so unique, so it’s just a lot of fun to create.”

Cappai and her work can be found at cappaidesigns.com.

Michelle creates mixed-media pieces that often incorporate acrylics and various textiles or wood. 

She describes her style as rustic farmhouse.

“I create shabby, sweet angels out of vintage textiles and place them in old frames or windows,” Michelle said. “I also do old-looking barns, chapels, angel wings, hearts, bird’s nests, etc. Each of my mixed-media pieces are unique and original, because I never know what old frames, windows, textiles and papers I will find. And I personally love that — knowing that each one is different from the last.”

Michelle has been practicing her art all of her life, but lately, she said she has been inspired by people’s stories.

“I've been creating angels lately, and I've had many stories of people telling me my angel means something special to them because of the loss of a loved one,” Michelle said. “It's a deeply special reminder to me that creating artwork that makes people happy is my real gift and the path I should follow. I truly believe we all have gifts we are here to share with others.”

Michelle and her work can be found at facebook.com/amymichelleartist or at instagram.com/amymichelleart

For more information about the Alpharetta Arts Streetfest, including other attending artists, visit splashfestivals.com/events-festivals/alpharetta-arts-streetfest.

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