When creating spaces for any home, the master bedroom is often the last on the list. Often, it is forgotten altogether. With our busy schedules and demands, the bedroom should be a dedicated space to recharge and unwind. As a busy mom myself, I like to refer to my bedroom as my refuge. Here are some ideas to help you achieve the master bedroom you deserve. 


Your bedroom walls should be a color that helps you relax. I would avoid bold, dark colors and choose a more neutral, soothing shade. You can add texture and warmth with your bed linens, window coverings and other textiles in your room.


Create a welcoming environment for yourself and think outside of the box. If your room is large enough, I love to add a bench or smaller-scaled sofa at the end of the bed. Don’t be afraid to place a desk or a vanity in front of a large open window area. Mix your furniture styles up, too. If you have all wood furniture, consider mirrored or painted nightstands to add interest.

Bed linens and textiles

Treat yourself to luxurious linens. Instead of skimping here, allow some room in your budget to splurge on linens and textiles. Layer a beautiful rug over your carpeting if you don’t have hardwood. High thread count sheets are a must. Custom draperies or blackout roman shades will finish off your room and are always thoughtful additions to any space.

Start the day off right

Lastly, and most importantly, start your day by making your bed. I know this seems silly, but even the smallest task of making your bed daily will get your day started off in the right direction and keep your room from looking unkept. If you only accomplish one thing a day, let this be it!

As an Interior Designer and Owner of j. gray design & interiors, Inc., Tracy Harkness creates spaces that are chic, timeless, and comfortable. Every space should be functional and livable with attention to detail. Connect with her at

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