For Alpharetta resident Kolleen Riddick Losch, fitness doesn’t just start and stop at the gym. It’s a way of life.

“We really believe that there are certain things you have to complete in order to be successful,” Losch said. “Walking into the gym is simply not enough. There are things you need to be doing outside of the gym to be able to make yourself more successful.”  

That’s the philosophy she brings as the owner and founder of two Alpharetta gyms: Core Physique and Core57.

Core57, her second gym, is named for the five steps to success and seven foundations of fitness that Losch identified to get the most out of an exercise routine. The five steps to success — assessment, goal-setting, program design, implementation and growth — focus on the realistic and quantitative aspects of establishing and keeping a regimen. Each of these steps is personalized as part of a “fitness prescription” at Losch’s gyms.

Whereas the steps focus on the body, the seven foundations of fitness emphasize the role of the mind and spirit. Losch identified the foundations as motivation, focus, education, accountability, community, self-preservation and celebration.  

“I’ve realized over the years with Core Physique that the people that are the most successful are the ones that live by these standards,” Losch said.

The name Core57 also doubles as a nod to Losch’s five children and seven family members.

While Losch has had a lifelong interest in fitness and helping others train, it was her children who especially inspired her to found Core Physique.

“They saw me working out with my friend and helping my friends that were struggling,” Losch said. “And they said, ‘Mom, you should open up a business doing fitness.’”

Losch added that while it was her children who pushed her to open her first business, it was her husband who inspired and supported her to open her second location, Core57.

Losch is a certified personal trainer, as well as one of seven senior master trainers for Trigger Point Therapy. She has a background as a competitive gymnast and collegiate cheerleader. During her career, Losch has worked with other professional athletes (basketball, baseball) and navy seals.

“I really love to help people become better versions of themselves,” Losch said. “I think as women, we tend to put ourselves last, to focus our energies on everybody else. And my job is to teach women to put themselves first, because that’s teaching their family that they do matter and that they’re important. And if they can model good, healthy habits, the rest of the family will follow.”

Losch helps women and men find a healthy balance in their lives, including sleep, hydration and nutrition.

“We care about you 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Losch said. “We care about you, and your family and your health … We’re dedicated to your overall heath and workouts. We want to make sure that even if you come in with needs for modifications that all of our trainers know how to modify on a dime to help you do the exercises and be successful.”

In the past, Losch’s gyms have partnered with the cities of Alpharetta and Milton to offer outdoor fitness classes for the community, and she said there are more to come once the weather heats up again.

Anyone who joins Core57 starts with an assessment and goal-setting appointment before a personal trainer helps identify the classes and workouts that would best fit their needs. Losch has a qualified staff of trainers at both gyms with reassessments held every month.

Losch also offers a clothing and sock line as well as nutritional supplements. For more information visit or

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