Planning a nursery is an exciting part of expecting a new baby. This is a space where as a parent, you spend a lot of time. Follow my tips on pulling together a nursery that you will love spending time in, even if it is at 2 a.m. 

First, pick a theme that you want for the room. A theme doesn’t need to be something that you can get a full bedroom set from a big box store. Picking something general, such as safari animals, or just knowing you want a feminine room is a great place to begin. Choosing a general idea of what you want the room to look like will help guide you through the planning and decorating process. 

Next, you want to decide what you are going to do for the walls — paint or wallpaper? The most frequently asked question I receive is how to use a color without it taking over the room. Painting a whole room a single bold color, let’s say purple, is overpowering and limits the overall design of your space. Choose one wall as your accent, and paint any remaining walls a neutral color. An added bonus to doing just one wall as an accent is that when baby gets older and ready for a big-kid room, you will only have one wall to change. Another popular trend is to add wainscoting to the walls and wallpaper above. This makes a beautiful statement without overpowering the room, as the painted wainscoting works to break up the pattern. 

After painting is complete, you will want to begin picking out furniture. When I am selecting furniture for a nursery, I tell new parents to find pieces that have the potential to grow with their child or that could be re-used in the future. 

The three main furniture pieces any nursery needs are a crib, a dresser and a chair. A convertible crib in either a neutral color or wood tones will fit with any paints you have selected. If you plan on using a crib for more than one child in the future, find one in a neutral style as well. Select a dresser that you can put a changing station on top of, so that you can use it after the diaper phase is complete. Choose a glider or rocking chair that is comfortable. Don’t be afraid to go to the store and try out as many as you need before picking one. 

Finally, add some accessories to pull everything together, and you will have a nursery you love and where you will love to spend time!


As an Interior Designer and Owner of Peachtree Studios, Interior Design, Carolyn Kimbro creates spaces that are comfortable, personal, and interesting. Through a mix of old and new, a variation of textures, and small details, each space comes to life. Connect with her at

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