Can you believe some of the best garden advice I ever read was found in an article about eyebrow microblading? The article was written by supermodel, business woman and multi-hyphenate Veronica Webb, who serves up realness on her lifestyle blog Webb On The Fly. In it, she was sharing her struggles about losing her eyebrows and making the decision to microblade, so that they could permanently be restored.

Three sentences into the article, Webb hit me with advice I had never heard in my career. “I always say, ‘If you can’t grow it – buy it! That goes for everything, from fruits and vegetables to hair,” she wrote. Say what? Just throw my whole horticulture degree in the trash already, because this is what you call freedom!

The reality is, everyone really can’t grow everything. So why are we putting this type of pressure on ourselves? While the plants lay dormant in January, take a hard look around whatever you interpret as your garden safe space and really reflect on what you can (or cannot) do this year.

I have spent so much time in communication with heartbroken people who nursed their pepper crops all summer. No matter how hard they tried, the plant wouldn’t fruit. Why sweat it when you can pull a Veronica Webb? Purchase those peppers at your local farmers market and enjoy your meal in peace. Don’t have time to maintain the grass? Plan to take up some of the lawn and plant fruiting trees or flowering shrubs.

Sometimes, your green thumb does go black. This happens for various reasons, and that is OK. Am I saying don’t try to grow new things? Heck no! I’m saying don’t stress yourself. So while my eyebrows may very well stay in shambles in 2019, you know what won’t? My garden.

Abra Lee is a horticulturist extraordinaire and unapologetically passionate about all things gardening. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @conquerthesoil.

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