Garden tools rake trowel and gloves on pile of soil

I did a short survey for this article, and by short, I mean gathering information from one person — my Mama. The question, “What is the best garden gift you ever received?” Her answer: that one time I installed an iron arch with akebia vines in her yard. My Mama, and perhaps yours too, doesn’t want anymore garden “stuff” (read as junk). So what can you give the women in your life? I may have a few ideas.

We’ll start with the obvious — plants. But not just any plants. We are talking the best plants you can afford. Hit the highway and head over to Goodness Grows in Lexington, Ga. This independent nursery located east of Athens is filled with perennials, herbs and natives. Take the back roads, and make this a day trip and experience you and Mom are sure to remember.

For the Mama living in a smaller space, like a condo, surprise her with an instant vignette. A bold beautiful plant such as clematis (there are many varieties) will do the trick. Plant this in a large pot on a strong support such as a garden obelisk. Add a nice bistro set, and you’ve given her a reason to enjoy morning coffee outside all summer. 

If you are a procrastinator — the type that buys gifts on Mother’s Day morning — here is a no-fail project you can put together with a quick trip to a local big box store. Gift your dear Mother a culinary combo of vegetables and herbs. Take a large stylish rectangular container (or three) and plant tomatoes against a basic lattice panel. Insert bamboo stakes in a teepee formation and secure with twine to give the tomatoes extra support. Under plant with basil and edible annuals for color, and you’ve established a focal point any foodie would love. 

Abra Lee is a horticulturist extraordinaire and unapologetically passionate about all things gardening. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @conquerthesoil.

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