Local artist Firoozeh Bowden has exhibited in shows and galleries throughout the United States and has created works in almost every kind of art medium imaginable. But 2019 marks the first time that Bowden will showcase her metallic accessories and wearable art at the Atlanta Craft Show. 

From March 15-17, visitors to the Cobb Galleria Centre can view works by some of the country’s top contemporary craft artists in one of the largest juried craft shows in the Southeast. 

Bowden, who has previously exhibited her work in the San Francisco and Baltimore Craft Shows, said she was excited to join the Atlanta chapter.

“For a while, I was hesitant to apply to the Atlanta show,” Bowden said. “But Atlanta has become richer and richer in culture … I don’t do too many shows anymore, because I do open studios and I sell through my website; but a show like American Craft Council is a very high quality show, and people who don’t know my work can be exposed to it and appreciate it.”

Bowden creates a variety of art, ranging from jewelry and accessories to fine art and home decor. All of her works are handcrafted using materials like sterling silver, wire and fabrics, and she will frequently favor hand-sewing over the use of sewing machines. 

“I like the sewing machine, but at times, I find that I give a piece more tender love and care when I hand-sew the details,” Bowden said. “I hear from people over and over again that when they put on a piece of my hand-sewn works, either jewelry accessories or fashion, that they feel a lot of love … Someone has even said when they put on one of my shawls, that they feel hugged. They just feel the warmth of it.”

Bowden, a lifelong artist, began sewing and painting at a young age. She went on to study industrial design before working in several specialty fashion boutiques. Throughout her career, she has preferred making her wearable works unique.

“I prefer doing one-of-a-kind work,” Bowden said. “I don’t like the idea of people walking down the street or going to a party and seeing people wear the exact same thing. It’s very important for me to create a look that is one-of-a-kind.”

Bowden said she’s often inspired by nature, and she tries to connect to the creative energy flow around her when she starts on a new piece. 

“I allow the material to tell me how it wants to be shaped,” Bowden said. “I don’t work like a craftsman. A craftsman works with one type of style and material, typically… I easily get bored and can’t do that. I use different materials. That’s why I paint, crochet, knit and do metalwork. I cannot express myself just through one material.”

Bowden also hosts several workshops, including painting, beginner’s jewelry and beginner’s sewing. She said she wants people be creative and create pieces of art they can personally relate to and enjoy.

“I want people to realize that every single person in this world has creativity inside of them,” Bowden said. “Sometimes, people think they aren’t creative enough, and they don’t realize that with just a little bit of encouragement, anybody can create. They just need to get in touch with that part of themselves.”

For more information about Bowden and her works, to sign up for a workshop or to commission her, visit firoozehinc.com

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