A bathroom renovation is a great way to increase the value of your home, but where do you begin? Is an update possible without the cost of a major renovation? I think so! Here are some ideas for updating your bathroom in a budget-friendly manner.

First, painting is a quick and easy way to give your bathroom(s) a face-lift. The two main areas you may consider painting are the cabinets and/or walls. Paint the cabinets white to brighten the room, or add a pop of color, such as navy or mint, for a fresh look. Painting the walls will also help refresh an outdated bathroom. 

In a similar vein, adding wallpaper will breathe life into your remodel. One idea is to use wallpaper on the vanity wall as an accent or above a chair rail as an alternative to paint.

A focal point in any bathroom, whether it is the master or powder room, is the mirror. Many homes have a building-standard mirror, and this is a great place for a quick refresh. If your bathroom currently has a framed mirror, try replacing it with a round or oval mirror with a thin metal frame. The new mirror will modernize and give clean lines to complement your final update. If your bathroom has a large mounted mirror, add trim to frame it out and finish your new frame with a coat of paint or stain.

Next, try changing out the fixtures to update your bathroom. Find a new faucet profile and metal finish to create a refreshed look. Keep the profiles and finishes cohesive by selecting sink faucets with matching tub and shower fixtures.

Finally, giving your bathroom a lighting update is like adding the perfect necklace to an outfit. The lighting in your bathroom should complement all the work you have put into your remodel. Pick a vanity light that will provide ample task lighting at the sink. Select a new chandelier or semi-flush fixture for general lighting. New lighting will add the perfect final touch to an update. 

These small changes can help you update and create your dream bathroom, and are less expensive than a major renovation project.

As an Interior Designer and Owner of Peachtree Studios, Interior Design, Carolyn Kimbro creates spaces that are comfortable, personal, and interesting. Through a mix of old and new, a variation of textures, and small details, each space comes to life. Connect with her at carolyn@peachtreestudiointeriors.com.

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