It’s very easy to overspend going into the holidays, and I’m here to keep your budget happy. Below are tips to consider before you shop that will help you save money on your gifts this season:

Stick to a budget

I am a huge fan of setting dollar limits for family members. The benefits are twofold; it’s easier to pick gifts if you have to stay under a certain dollar amount, and it keeps all family members on a level playing field, no matter their income.

Use rewards points

If it comes down to going into credit card debt versus using rewards points you already have built up, use the points! It will make more sense in the long run and can act as a Christmas savings account you didn’t realize you had.

Don’t buy unnecessary gifts

Think of the phrase “quality, not quantity.” Buying a lot of small gifts just to fluff the tree can end up costing more than buying two or three more expensive items.

Buy experiences

I’m also a huge fan of experiences and creating memories together. Purchasing a concert or sporting event ticket is the gift that keeps on giving and will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Don’t buy for yourself

Have you ever walked into a store to Christmas shop only to leave with gifts for yourself? Me too. Make a deal this year to only buy gifts for others and save the personal treats for after Christmas.

Here’s to wishing all the Northside Women a happy and prosperous holiday season!

Reach out to us at oXYGenFiancial.net for additional tips on how to save money!

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