State senate candidate Sarah Beeson.

Roswell native, mother and small business operator Sarah Beeson is hoping to become the new face for Georgia’s Senate District 56. 

The Democrat announced her candidacy in April for the seat, currently held by Republican Sen. John Albers of Roswell. The district encompasses portions of North Fulton and Cherokee counties, including parts of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Woodstock.

Chief among her campaign’s goals are the ideas of fair and equal representation, she said, which includes increasing the number of women in the Georgia Senate. 

She said demographics in most governing bodies do not look like the populations they were elected to represent, and that this disconnect has led women, people of color, people under 35 and others not typically represented to step up and run for public office. 

But despite a surge of women in politics, the numbers of women representatives are still low, she said.

“Women comprise only 28.8 percent of state legislative bodies nationwide and only 26.7 percent of the Georgia Senate,” Beeson said. “That means only one in four seats in the Georgia Senate is held by a woman, despite women comprising 53 percent of the state population. Women need a seat at the table when discussing legislation that directly impacts us, and I think at the legislative level, 2019 provided a stark example of what happens when that simply isn't the case.”

Beeson currently operates a family business with more than 50 employees and is a leadership council member for the National Small Business Association. She is also the communications chair on the board for Advance Atlanta, a nonprofit committed to expanding transit throughout the metro area. 

“As someone who is a mother, operates a small business and spent most of her life in the district, I saw that there were many areas of policy that are currently lacking,” Beeson said. “Because of the unique perspective I provide, as well as my desire for fair representation, I recognized an innate calling to run for public office.”

Legislative issues affecting children are among the first priorities the mother of one said she would want to tackle if elected.

“The concerns that keep me and millions of other Georgia parents awake at night pertains to what future we are providing for our children,” she said.

Some of her concerns include if Georgia’s children have access to quality education, safety in schools, affordable higher education, job opportunities, affordable health care and environmental protection.

“These are questions that lawmakers need to work on addressing every day they are in office — questions I intend to answer,” Beeson said.

On her website, Beeson says she supports expanding transit and Medicaid, increasing access to mental health care, fighting climate change, improving access to education, addressing gun violence and growing small businesses. She also says she believes in representing all Georgian, including women, minorities, LGBTQ people and immigrants. 

Beeson graduated from the University of Georgia with a master’s degree in business administration and is completing a master’s degree in environmental management online from the University of Maryland, with an emphasis on public policy. She previously worked for the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group, and has served in leadership positions within the Young Democrats of Georgia organization.

“Collectively, my background gives me an enlightened, well-rounded view on matters pertaining to business, public policy, advocacy, sustainability and a forward-looking perspective to ensure Georgia is looking toward the future,” Beeson said.

For more information about Beeson and her campaign, visit votebeeson.com.

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