Long before she added “Mrs.” to her name, Krystal Meyer had a premonition of where her life was heading with the man she ultimately married.

During a trip to the North Georgia mountains with then-boyfriend (and now husband) Jonathan Meyer, Krystal came across an entry in a visitor’s log left by a couple who had recently stayed at the cabin.

The couple had first stayed at the cabin in Helen years earlier while college students, and had returned years later — now married with children.

“I flipped open the [guest book] and this was the first entry I saw,” said Krystal. “I thought ‘oh my gosh’ this could be our life … it was so cool.”

The fact that the couple attended the University of Florida, where Jonathan graduated, made it even more significant.

“I took a picture of the post and still have it on my phone,” Krystal said.

After dating two years, Krystal and Jonathan married in October 2018. They now live in Cumming with their two dogs.

Both work for LifeTime Fitness — Krystal at the Johns Creek location as the team development manager, and Jonathan as the personal training manager at the Sandy Springs location.

Originally from California, Krystal graduated from the University of Iowa in 2015 with a degree in neurobiology, and moved after graduation to Georgia where her family had relocated.

“I was not going to stay where it snowed (in Iowa), so I came ‘home’ to where my family was,” she said.

She developed an interest in fitness and health while in college, and put those skills and her degree to work at LifeTime. At the time, Jonathan was also employed at LifeTime, but living in Brookhaven. Their paths never crossed at work, but they had a mutual friend who would bring the two together.

“He told Jonathan about me, but Jonathan lived in Brookhaven and said he’s not driving all that way to meet a girl who didn’t even use Facebook,” she laughed.

Eventually, Jonathan made the trek to North Fulton, and Krystal said their first meeting was the cliché scenario of love at first sight.

“He came down on a Friday night … I opened the door and there’s this person in front of me who I knew was the one,” she said. “We went to dinner, never stopped talking and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Two years later, Jonathan pulled off the ultimate surprise engagement that went off nearly flawlessly — save for a few unexpected hitches that made the event even more memorable.

Jonathan created a fake wedding event in Savannah in fall 2017 for a “friend” Krystal had never met — complete with wedding invitations — to make her think they were going to Savannah for the wedding.

“So we’re in Savannah going to the rehearsal dinner and I’m texting my family that I’m not going to know anyone there,” said Krystal, completely unaware her entire family was in Savannah as part of the engagement.

As the couple strolled through Forsyth Park, toward what Krystal believed was the venue for the rehearsal dinner, Jonathan’s demeanor began to change. At the famed water fountain in the park, Jonathan dropped to his knees and proposed, while family members rushed in to greet the couple.

“I was so surprised and I can’t recall anything other than nodding yes,” she said.

Unbeknownst to Jonathan, the six-page Power Point presentation he sent to everyone of how the event would unfold failed to take into account the location he selected for the proposal was hosting a wedding reception at the targeted time.

“So everyone is on the wrong side of the fountain and he’s texting everyone at the last minute of the change in plans,” she laughed, recalling the vision of her mom running through the bushes to be there in time. “It was perfect.”

A year later, the couple was married at the Cotton Gin in Hiram in an intimate ceremony with 75 close friends and family in attendance.

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