It’s March, and you know what that means: wedding season is in full swing. Other than choosing what to wear, the next big decision to make is what to give the happy couple. Here are a few gift ideas that will be a hit and ensure your gift will be remembered forever:  

A bottle of Dom Perignon: Okay, let’s admit, this is one of the more expensive pieces on the list. But if you can afford it, this prestige Champagne is destined to be a gift that will always be remembered. The newlyweds will wait until a special occasion to sip on this bubbly, and they are sure to think of you when they do.

Picture frame: Nordstrom.com has quality silver picture frames that are nicer than your average frame, but also not out-of-the-question pricing. I received one of these as a wedding present and made sure to put one of my favorite wedding pictures in it to display in my living room. I am sure this frame will last forever if cared for properly, and I will always remember the sweet couple that gifted it to us.

Matching passport holders: Send them off to their honeymoon in the right way. This can either be expensive or inexpensive, depending on where you buy. I recommend Etsy for all things personalized, and they are sure to have a wide range of pricing options. 

Night out: This is probably my favorite. Everyone thinks about gifts for the house and honeymoon, but what about after the festivities are over? Get the couple a gift card or Groupon, so they can have a date night once life settles down and they need a break. 

Wedding gifts don’t have to break your bank, and a meaningful gift doesn’t always have to be expensive. Happy wedding season!

Allison Baines, Wealth plan design specialist at oXYGen Financial. Co-host of “They Don’t Teach You This” podcast. Connect with her at anye@oxygenfinancial.net.

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