After a long hot summer, it is finally time to don our cold-weather clothes. If your fall/winter wardrobe looks exactly as it did last year, it’s time to add a few updated pieces to add some spice and variety to your cold-weather ensembles. Here are a few of my favorite trends for fall 2017. Choose one to update some of your favorite fall classics.


It is everywhere this season. From small pieces of trim on a blouse to whole pairs of pants, velvet is the easiest trend to wear this fall. To make it fresh and something to wear on a daily basis instead of just for holidays, this season wear velvet in soft shades of blush. It’s a great neutral you can pair with deeper colors of fall such as olive, plum, grey and teal. Consider adding a blush pair of velvet jeans found at Anthropologie and Bloomingdales.

Floral or tapestry booties

Tall or short, statement booties are a big hit this season. Since you probably already own booties in neutral colored leather, spruce up your fall wardrobe with this footwear trend. Since the bold pattern and color of this footwear commands such visual attention, pair this with a neutral outfit in solid tones.

Cropped flared bottoms

This hemline is great to wear with your statement booties. It is a bold silhouette, but a fun trend that can carry you through to spring when you are more apt to wear a sandal or a simple flat. Update your fall wardrobe by adding cropped flare hems in denim for casual, and black or charcoal for business or more dressy occasions.

Sleeves, sleeves, sleeves

Any flounce, ruffle, bell or flare sleeve is on trend this season. If you need to update your sweaters or button-down blouses this season, consider acquiring your tried-and-true foundation basics with a fun sleeve detail for an updated look.

70’s colorful plaid

Plaid always makes a good showing each fall season, but to truly be on trend in 2017 wear a bright and bold plaid with a ‘70s vibe. Invest in one short jacket or a statement pencil skirt in an eye-catching plaid to celebrate fall and show how truly avant-garde you are.

Statement colors for fall: Red and Ochre

The runways were full of bold red dresses and head-to-toe outfits in bright red. If you are not sure if red is the color for you, choose a true cool-toned red. The vibrant hue looks good on all skin types.

Ochre yellow tones

These shades can be found this season in velvet dresses with cold shoulders, shiny silky blouses with self-ties and overcoats. For those who embrace the autumn tones year round, the return of this warm hearty tone is a welcome change. This year, ochre is a neutral color, so pair it with anything that you would normally pair with brown or black. To be truly fetching this fall, pair it with colors in the same rich tones.

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