Whether you are preparing for spring break at the beach, Paris in springtime or your next adventure in the business world, gear up for whatever you might encounter by updating your work and casual wardrobe with a fresh spring look. 

Beige is the perfect neutral to bridge winter’s favorite black and summer’s bright white. To be on trend, wear beige head to toe and find the perfect shade for you. Neutral beiges can range between deep tans and creamy whites. Break up the monochromatic look with a brown leather belt (see Utility below) or pops of Living Coral, the Color of the Year. Look for two-piece suits for business, and shirtwaist or flowing boho dresses for your casual weekend look.

Utility is a big trend that can be seen in casual and work pieces this spring. Think useful pockets, straps and epaulettes on jackets and vests. Look for strappy leather belts and canvas handbags with metal grommets and useful details, such as outside pockets. To keep the utility trend feminine and not too bulky, choose slim pants with flat thigh pockets or sleek jackets with a tie belt at the waist. Keep the size of utility-inspired handbags to a minimum. The key here is to look sleek and light for spring, not headed for boot camp.

Crochet details have been around for the past few seasons, and are still a hot trend for spring 2019. In casual wear, look for small details of crochet or macramé on pockets or handbags. Consider updating your spring cocktail dress with a neck-to-knee crocheted dress in a demure pattern and muted tone. 

Tie-dye patterns may remind you of rock concerts long ago, but it’s not just a throwback to the American hippies of the 1960s. This fabric dyeing technique is much older, with examples found all over the world in Peru, Africa and China. In India, it’s called bandhani. Keep this culturally international tidbit in mind when updating your look for spring. Choose one accessory to wear with the tie-dye pattern, such as a sheer kimono, scarf or long vest. Create a more subtle look by pairing this pattern with a pair of cream-colored trousers for spring.

Final tip: Refresh all of your T-shirts for spring. Remember, T-shirts are not investment pieces. They are meant to be used for only one season. A fresh T-shirt that that fits well and is free from grease spots can actually lift your mood. Happy spring!

As a personal wardrobe consultant and owner of Alpharetta-based Fashion With Flair,  Lori Wynne helps people look their best. Connect with her at fashionwithflair.com.

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