The official color of 2017 is Greenery. A beautiful mix of yellow and green to create a springtime hue that can be combined with a variety of neutrals and some of your favorite spring shades.

This year’s color reminds us to be kind to the earth, embrace nature and enjoy the newness of spring. It renews and refreshes us like the change of the season. The shade entitled Greenery is also a neutral color. It has been in the color palette in years past and is now in the forefront as “an omnipresent hue around the world,“ according to the Pantone website.

Use Greenery in your existing wardrobe

Since it is such a useable neutral, pair it with your existing navy items, metallics, earthy toned separates or pastels. Practically any shade of pink pairs well with Greenery. It also looks good with deep purples and reds.

It’s not easy being green

If you think that wearing green is difficult, consider wearing this year’s color in a patterned blouse or scarf with just a touch of green in it. When updating your spring wardrobe, look for small touches of Greenery in geometric or floral prints. Add touches of green by using green accessories such as jewelry, belts or handbags.

Reuse your green items

Being true to the earth means reusing and recycling, right? If this shade of green doesn’t appeal to you, use a shade of green that does. Reuse the greens already in your closet. Apple green, forest green, mint green and teal green are tones that salute the color of the year. The earth thanks you!

Greenery is a hot color for weddings

As in past fashion color palettes, Greenery has always been in the background when it comes to wedding colors. Bouquets, flower arrangements and décor carry hints of fresh Greenery. Brides are bringing it to the forefront by pairing it with light grey, burgundy, light pink, black or a warm honey brown.

Thank you Worth New York for allowing me to use your images of how Greenery is being used in this season’s fashions.

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