Omni-seasonal clothing is all the rage and seems so practical, until the high temperatures of late summer arrive. Those skinny jeans, synthetic tops and lined jackets suddenly create an uncomfortable sweat bath. Give your tried and true capsule wardrobe a break for the summer and embrace a few of these tips to keep stylishly cool in the summertime.

Natural fabrics

Put aside synthetic fabrics that do not breathe. Choose clothing in natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, linen or Tencel. Also known as lyocell, Tencel is a natural fabric made from regenerated wood cellulose. This eco fabric has natural breathability and 50 percent greater moisture absorption than cotton. Due to its moisture management, lyocell is also anti-bacterial.

Cover up

It may seem counter-intuitive to wear more clothes when the temperatures rise, but a thin layer of fabric keeps the sun from burning your skin and raising your temperature. Look at people who work in the sun every day. They wear long sleeves and wide brimmed hats to keep cool. Don a sun hat and a light scarf to cover your shoulders. Maxi skirts are cooler than shorts. Skip the tank top and wear a natural-fiber blouse with sleeves.

Flowing silhouettes

Bodycon tops, dresses and jeans may add coverage to your skin but can also feel hotter during the summer months. Instead of close-fitting clothes, choose flowing silhouettes to take advantage of the cooling summer breezes. Wide-legged palazzo pants, bohemian peasant tops and filmy flowing dresses will help keep you cool in July and August.

Skip the padded bra

Take a break from the padded bra and go for a single layer bralette instead. Without the added layers of a heavily padded bra, you will feel cooler. The bralette will pair nicely under the flowing silhouettes for summer.

Lighten your accessories

Wide leather or metal cuffs look dramatic with fall and winter fashions, but layers of heavy accessories right on your wrists (a cooling point on your body) can make you feel warmer. Heat can cause limbs to swell. Store your wide cocktail or left-hand rings for cooler temps. Your sweaty puffy fingers will thank you. Don a pair of simple chandelier earrings, sans a sweaty statement necklace, and your accessorizing is complete.

Final tip

Many women use the same big leather handbag year-round. Give your old trusted carry-all a break. Clean it out and pare down what you carry every day to just the bare necessities. Consider ditching your bloated wallet and use a credit card holder (armor wallet). Choose a lightweight cross-body bag or straw bag. The fewer things you carry around, the less you will exert yourself. Ultimately, you will feel cooler without a big sweaty bag against your side. Stay cool and have a great summer!

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