Packing for summer camp is a sure sign that the fun is getting closer. It’s so exciting to

work through that list and gather supplies. You may need to buy some items, particularly

for a first camp, so give yourself plenty of time.

Most established overnight summer camps will provide you with a packing list, based on the activities that they offer, so do check this first.

Here are some other things that you will want to pack: (Many camps and experienced parents recommend packing things in smaller zip-close bags to keep them organized.)

Small pack

for day trips

Waterproof coat and boots:

there’s likely to be at least some rain

during the camp.

Sun protection:

a bandanna or scarf, sun hat, sunglasses and some high-SPF sun protection are essentials.

Warm jacket

and hat for evenings


at least two swimsuits, goggles,

a swim shirt with UV protection and some

water shoes.


(at least two or three sets), flip-flops and bathrobe.


enough for at least two weeks.

Special-activity clothes or equipment:

Check your overnight summer camp

program to see what other equipment might be needed.

Wash kit:

Toothpaste and toothbrush,

shower gel, shampoo, soap in a soap

box, lip balm, hair brush and bands and hair clips, and nail clippers. (It’s a good idea to have a caddy to keep your bathroom essentials in.)


Hand towels, and two beach towels, which can be used for swimming and showering.

Other essentials:

Tissues, insect repellent, camera, flashlight and

spare batteries, a refillable water bottle, a laundry bag, prestamped and addressed envelopes and writing paper, spending money (check

with camp about the spending money policy), books or playing cards for entertainment for short periods. ■


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