One of the most consequential purchases a bride will make for her wedding day is her pair of wedding shoes. Her shoes will determine how gracefully she can move through an extremely demanding event. She will stand, walk, and dance. She may ascend or descend a grand staircase and may need to climb in and out of vehicles, cross lawns, bridges, and uneven terrain, navigating both indoor carpeting and hard ballroom floors. All of this in a dress that usually has more volume, length, and weight than her day-to-day clothing.

Her wedding dress will be hemmed to only one pair of shoes. If she changes heel elevations part way through the event, her skirt will drape differently causing bunching, dragging or even tripping.

Ideally, the bride should choose a single pair of shoes that can carry her throughout all the challenges of her day. If her shoes are uncomfortable, they can ruin her wedding experience, subtly undermining her confidence, making her appear wobbly, nervous, or even awkward. And, as we all know, foot pain can drain the joy out of any special occasion.

So what to do?

Lady Jane Custom Footwear has been providing lovely pain-free dress shoes for nearly 10 years, and is a great resource for the wedding party. An entirely woman-owned enterprise, Lady Jane produces hand-made custom shoes in the United States. Atlanta resident Mary Jane Caldwell founded the company dedicated to the idea that women at every age should be able to enjoy gorgeous dress shoes that stop or significantly reduce the pain and damage that are inherent in designer fashion shoes. Her podiatrist orthopedic surgeon approved designs incorporate superior NASA-developed cushioning and shock-absorbing materials. Straps, ties and a variety of heel heights and toe shapes help insure an individualized fit. She also has developed special designs to deal with pre-existing foot issues. Her collection of over 100 materials and leathers can coordinate with any gown or outfit. Each pair of shoes is made to the customer’s individual specifications. Production time requires about eight weeks. The base price for all the styles averages around $400. If extra labor, such as extensive pattern revision, is needed or if the order is rushed, there are additional charges.

Not a fan of high heels? Lady Jane Customer Footwear has designed a low-heeled shoe that replaces ballet flats. Everyone knows that ballet flats are not that comfortable because they do not offer arch support and can lead to plantar fasciitis from the constant pressure on the heel bone. Her patented design allows a roomy toe-box, a minimal heel for proper posture, stride and over-all foot comfort. The best part is the many fabric and leather options available to a bride. A bride chooses a gown that reflects her individual style, her wedding shoes should reflect the same.

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