Many of my clients say, “I will hire you when I lose those last 15 pounds.” It is important to dress the body you have today. When you look better, you feel better and are more inclined to take better care of yourself. In turn, you will have more success in reaching your weight-loss goals. Positive reminders (a new blouse that doesn’t threaten to burst at the buttonholes) is better than a negative reminder (those too-tight jeans you keep forcing yourself to wear.) Here are my tips for styles to wear while losing weight that will fit nicely now and can be styled for use when you reach your goal weight:

Wrap dress in packable jersey fabric

This style allows you to wrap and cinch it according to your current weight and beyond. In the right color and pattern, a wrap dress with three-quarter length sleeves can be worn in the winter with boots and a leather jacket or sandals in the summer.

Belted jacket or sweater Cinch it to emphasize your shrinking waist

Choose one without a lot of padding in the shoulders. The measurement between the base of the neck and the point of the shoulder does not change as a person loses or gains weight. Find a jacket that fits you there and it will still fit when you lose a little weight. A three-quarter length sleeve is best, as the sleeve will always fit, too.

Wide belt

Use a wide belt to give shape to your looser items such as long cardigans, kimono jackets, or long open sweater vests.

A-line skirt

This silhouette accommodates shrinking hips and will still look good when you reach your goal weight. It may fit lower on your waist, which isn’t a bad thing, either.

Maxi skirt

A camouflaging silhouette for curvy hips and thighs. The human eye automatically draws a perfect figure under this flowing silhouette. Best of all it will still fit nicely over your new slimmer self. Looks great with a leather jacket in the winter or tank in the summer.

Super Stretch denim jeans from Lucky Brand will not bag … .ever!

Unlike other jeans that will stretch out, this fabric will not stretch and will fit you as you whittle off those last few pounds. Choose a midrise, dark denim in boot cut or straight leg for a long leggy effect.

Dress pants in a wide or straight leg in easy-care fabric with stretch

My recommendation for my budget-conscious clients is the Style & Co. brand by Macy’s. Less than $40, these pants can be thrown in the washer, feel as comfy as yoga pants and are appropriate for the workplace. Get them in the wide comfort waist.

Final tip

If you have gained or lost at least 10 pounds or more, it is imperative that you update your bras. Get a professional bra fitting at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Soma or Intimacy. A bra’s lifespan is only one year. Like a great pair of running shoes, invest in proper fitting bras for the best overall silhouette and posture. ■

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