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Moving from childhood to adolescence into adulthood brings its own milestones, freedoms and responsibilities of growing up. For a young person with a chronic or an inherited health condition, such as sickle cell anemia, the transition can be overwhelming going from pediatric care to adult health care. That transition is being made smoother by the Adolescent and Young Adult Transition Clinic for Sickle Cell Disease, located at Christian Hospital and the Center for Advanced Medicine.

Hearing is easily taken for granted. Unless a person has experienced temporary or permanent hearing loss, it can be hard to imagine a life in which hearing is compromised or completely lost. But that is precisely the life hundreds of millions of people across the globe live every day.

At any given moment, millions of doctors and medical researchers across the globe are working toward a singular goal: that no illness should be a death sentence. One large leap was taken toward accomplishing that goal recently, when for the second time in history an HIV patient was cured of the disease. Like the first case, the cure was a result of a bone marrow transplant intended originally to treat cancer.